Friday, December 30, 2005

Next Stop: Silence...

I shall let this swamp experience waves of excitement nations have forgotten about with a single stone I’ll feed it. “Tranquility is a pre-death status we’ve amused ourselves to” I shall carve on this cold stone. Perhaps the mermaids would wake up to it if they’ve not already died & turned into oil due to tranquility-toxicity like corps of the anti-tranquility community lying silently on the bottom. Seconds after the stone is thrown, stability dominates once more as my energy sinks deeper & out of sight. That must be what had happened after people sacrificed themselves to create waves…

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Valley Of Difference...

We used to stand together, shoulder to shoulder for the same cause. We could feel the warmth of each others breaths until the earthquake set this valley between us. Through all these years, we have grown shorter due to attrition as they have grown taller due to the skyscrapers they’ve built. So horizontally & vertically apart, the near past seems like an ancient myth. Can we someday sit down at the same table for a cup of coffee again?

Friday, December 23, 2005

Life is in black n' white...

“The rich girl with all her belongings could never find happiness till the day she died.”
The book ends with the phrase & the poor little innocent girl closes her book thinking perhaps she has happiness instead of all which she doesn’t. How sad can the rich world be she thinks and with a smile she goes to sleep to reenergize for her tough job the next morning.

The story had a happy ending the rich girl reading it all thinks. Delighted to know that the poor do have a good life, she plans to go shopping for the up-coming party…

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The No-Flight-Zone...

Over concerns of a possible terrorist attack & also due to our intelligence service reports of a possible hijack plan, Santa has not been given the permission to fly this year. This comes two days after Bin Laden claimed to send GWB a nice X-mass gift in a video tape broadcasted by Al Jazeere TV network.

Also according to our agents an animal rights party has filed a case against Santa for mistreating Rudolph. The group claims Rudolph is in poor health status due to negligence. In another case people have expressed their dissatisfaction over the quality of the new gifts. They have announced that they surely expect more expensive ones with receipt included so that they could take it back & ask for a refund. In a separate case a parent who has asked not to be named has charged a child-abuse case against Santa which has recently come to light. Santa has denied all charges claiming the fake Santas are responsible for the inconvenience.

The officials have asked anyone with any news regarding to what’s come to be called THE SANTA CASE to come forward and provide the officials with further details...


Merry X-mass everyone...

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Password is: $$$$$...

Yeah you know it & I do too. It is clear & everybody knows it is true.

Everybody knows the deals are rotten.
Everybody knows the fights are set.
Everybody knows politics is for fools & the elected presidents are the ones who lie better.
Everybody knows we are in trouble but hey who cares we can use our credit cards to buy our way through...

Yeah everybody knows, but that's how it goes!

You can role the dice & take the gamble. Wish for a double 6 to break free from what we have come to call life & if luck deserts you, just light your cigar, turn on your TV & watch the PG 18 show to forget the pain...

Or ring the bells for one last time & wish someone in the distance hears your call & decides to wake up to admit life ain't just about knowledge but...

Oh I forgot what I was to say, perhaps it's the effect of the pills they've fed me.........

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"Excuse Me; I think I'm Lost..."

After learning all these languages I am still unable to decode the messages in love. Why does love have to be in signs!?


Normally I have to be talking about health issues & how this air pollution is affecting our lives & then you talk of the dying birds due to the condition! You even go further to say crows are your favorites! I wish I was a sailor to have been able to sail through your waves of wisdom but I guess I have already drown even before I could try to explain my new feelings are unrelated to the pollution toxicity.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Daddy Got Me A New Toy...

She looked a woman in her 50s as she walked along the sidewalk. Deep in thoughts on arranging her daughters wedding, the loan she was about to finally recieve to buy herself the small downtown house, a handful of things she'd bought for lunch... trotting towards home. Stops at the red hand telling her to wait till she is told to move. And when the time arrives she does as she is told. 5 seconds into the run, a squeek, a second-long moan, a roar of an engine fading away. Her dreams slowly losing color as her blood paints the road. She is to accept the rewritten script for her life thinking perhaps the director above has made a last minute change for that plot...

The face is blurred

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Milimeter Closer To My Seat...

Agitated, he stares at the broken ruler in his hand. Lost in confusion he writes on the wall " Life is even shorter than a broken ruler ". A gasp, a sigh, a look around; time to move on in search for something smaller for the measurement...


A cloudy dark autumn day - a mild breeze around

On the verge of a fall, totally out of energy, the man in his 80s stops to lean against the wall. Begins to wander in a maze of his own memories holding the cane in his hand tighter. His feet too weary to tolerate the imposed weight they have been familiar with for long. He has been standing for too many things for too long during his life he thinks. For his beliefs, for his rights & for the people he once worshiped. Too much pain tolerated, too many irrelevant words he's heard. Accused of trying to break the world record of STANDING. Jailed for trying to spell the word freedom.

A glance around to see the comfortable lives of the sitting he wonders; Was it worthy to stand for so many so long?? Hadn't he lived a better life choosing to sit???

Rain drops rush down to interrupt the thinking session...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The idea cannot be displayed

The idea you are looking for is currently unavailable. The brain site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Technological Breakdown...

When you feel your luck has drained away; purchase a Nike Horse-Shoe to bring you luck & to encourage you to just do it!

Also available in stores NOW:
Air Nike Rabbit Foot


… and there was this competition where freedivers held their breaths for setting new records. There were training sessions & loads of advertisement surrounding the events. 7mins, 8:06, 8:50! & now ladies & gents here is the winner; Tom Sietas with 8:58!!

No one really took notice that as a fetus they could hold their breaths up to 122 minutes.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Painful To Be A Woman...

It had been estimatedly 39 weeks & 3 days since she had fortified herself in her so called castle of dark where no light could penetrate her vague waves of thought on what was passing outside. Lately she had not felt as comfortable as before as it had become more of a dungeon to her than a safe but still she refused to give way to the increasing pressures trying to force her out. The walls were caving in, now touching her skin & twisting her towards the wall in the other end. Forces were mounting. Suddenly light -the stranger- tickeled her closed eyelids. She was soon to exit the unfriendly walls she used to call home. Her head squeezed through the opening, her pupils greeted the first rays of sunshine. She released her shoulders through painfully & her body expulsed out. My hands held her still-in-shocked stature as she started to experience her first of yet-to-repeat cry session...

Photo added Sunday 22:16

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

THEY Sure Know Better...

A woman in her 50s enters a clinic. She complains for nearly 15 minutes as the adroit doctor listens to her every word patiently. In the end he gives her the necessary advice caring for what's best for her. She walks out. On her way out she whispers to the next patient; he is no good. He hasn't prescribed me anything!


It is said that medical schools will soon close down as the need for doctors has vanished. Anyone who knows the alphabet is entitled to analyze & guide patients through officially of this date. Doctors will remain intact only for jotting down the prescriptions on demand...

Courtesy My News Agency

They felt much easier paying mechanics to fix their cars than paying doctors fixing they, themselves.
But why, it was a mystery...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Reflections Of A Tan Jacket...

A life-time has passed; Checking yourself everyday in the mirror, posing the perfect smile trying to appear the RED guy you always thought you were, while reflecting BLUE in the mirrors passing by...

Caring friends they called themselves, not letting you see you in them... & now hearing it from the unexpectedly best, but after all these years...


Don't want to buy your mirrors nor would I like to see myself in them. I am ready to pay for your description of me in your reflectors.


If you appear the same in your new mirror, break it down & purchase a new one…


Don't tame your mirrors; let them show the wild animals we are.


Mirrors have learnt to lie since the Snow White saga.


If mirrors could talk, they would keep silent...


On the mirror, below the frame read; "No Comment"...


"Images in this mirror do not necessarily reflect our views but the participants' who have decided to pose their figures here."


Powered by a deep hallucination session

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sweeter Than Honey...

He has lately come to discover a new aspect of his personality. A powerful but destructive power source. A devil has risen in him capable of teaching Satan a few new tricks. He is alien to the feeling but he knows it won’t be easy to control the up rise. Perhaps the too many triggers have weakened his security measures or even his defensive mechanisms have called for emergency help from this unknown ally of dark.

The golden ring above his head is somewhat shattered by the devil crawling under his skin. An amicable figure of friendly manners turns into a master of devilry, terrifying his own spirit. He is never on offence but when they intrude his honesty his defense acts stronger than any WMD, aiming a single target; REVENGE...

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Symphony Within...






Our symphonies begin & end the same. It is the additional musical instruments playing various notes that form our unique song...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's Only A Shadow...

I have been tagged by a great blogger (Chitty). I had vowed not to take tags on but well I couldn't resist the call & have decided to take this one to prevent the forth-coming. #20 is to make sure I can get away from tags. Plz spare me ;-)

  1. The best way into my heart is through my favorite songs.
  2. My defenses are always low when among my friends.
  3. Get on well with everyone but make friends hard. Have very few I can call friends, although numerous people I know.
  4. Orders are what I hate to obey.
  5. My worst fear is having twins.
  6. When I think about death I wish it comes for me before the ones I love. Can’t even imagine losing some.
  7. Am not a night owl. No matter when I go to bed I will get up 6:30 a.m. In cloudy weather my biological clock gets retarded.
  8. I can’t stand people taking me as a fool & trying to trick me.
  9. Talking about marriage is my ultimate turn off in a young relationship. Hey don’t get me wrong on this one.
  10. I enjoy any food!
  11. I speak in Farsi, English & French.
  12. I’ve taught English for 6 years while studying medicine.
  13. Listen to all sortta music. Am not a techno or any-rap guy. My fave singers include; Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, Sting, System of a down, Nickelback, Robbie Williams, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Eminem, Bon Jovi, The Rasmus, Bryan Adams, Elton John, Chris de Burgh, Lara Fabian, Emmanuel Moire, Green Day, ……………
  14. I have on & off periods. Don know why but I act strange from time to time, falling into depression from my usually manic mood ;-)
  15. Enjoy thinking about the stuff passing around me. Always thinking about what's passing around although I don't talk about it much.
  16. Stupidly frank.
  17. Like jokes.
  18. Hate horror movies.
  19. A swimmer. Also do chess ;-)
  20. Open question… Leave your question after the beep sound & we'll get back to you if possible

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

History Is For Fools...

The boy in the crowd suddenly shouted in protest;
I hate you, your so-called gods & your every religion, bounding me to the boundaries of necessity. Your gods are nothing more than imaginary red-lines to protect you & your beliefs against your fears. Advertising freedom, peace & unity huh…

The lady standing beside him slowly backed away with the fears of an eminent lightning aiming the lad, would hit her by mistake…

Sunday, November 06, 2005

La vie c'est plus marrant en chantant

He was too happy as they put it. Always in an extraordinary mood. They called it an elevated mood. His laughter injected joy to all in its range. Signing the day in with a magical cheer-up-the-day-has-come song & signing out with a forget-your-sadness one. The guys in white enjoyed it as much as others but envied his painlessness. They marked him as a manic, gave him unidentified depressing pills. He doesn’t sing or laugh anymore; birds are numb, people are depressed, whitecoats miss the joy injections, doubting the guidlines in their textbooks...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Set The Alarm Clock...

There were many passengers on board. Different colors, languages, feelings & ambitions were floating in the scene. Some were talking about their attractive neighbors, some preferred to take a nap, others seemed to be staring at the horizon while they hid their blindness behind the sunglasses of negligence. There were those who had started reading the signs around though but the majority were just following the tracks with their gloomy eyes. Suddenly the fully-awake stranger shouted: “can you please stop this planet? I will get off here…

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

All About Sex & Money...

- How many sexual partners has she got?
- I've got no clue who’s bought the stakes

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Caught in the maze...

They say his behavior has changed. His friends seem to see this as the explanation for their wrong doings. He always shows them the indifferent face. A hollow laughter, the mask he wears everyday, shaking off their words. Always manages to forgive them after dampening his soul with his eyes. He tiptoes in his thoughts in search of any possible reasons. Each night he comes to face himself in the mirror. The same forced face he has always carried, appears. Quietly he turns off the lights to see the daily cracks his soul has suffered in his mirror…

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

& Life Goes ON...

The woman could not face her husband when he came to visit her in the hospital. She kept her head down as she muttered her thoughts through words. Trying to avoid his eyes, she reluctantly managed to tell him about the abortion. She looked strangely pale & filled with guilt as the husband stared upon her in pity. It would have been their 3rd after her 4th pregnancy. Medically there had been no child at all but the manifestations. The man gave the woman another tip to toe glance, turned his back on her & left the ward without a word, failing to witness the flooding tears in her eyes…

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Box Of Vision...

He hadn't chosen to sit backwards to hold the box but had held the box to be able to meet the people taking the same path as he did instead of the ones always moving in opposite lanes...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

For a Few Dollars More...

They call it terrorizing done by who’s come to be called a terrorist. How & why have they come to present themselves all of a sudden , an impulse in my brain asks?

Terrorists are created by Hollywood just to sell a couple of more movies & be a-good-enough excuse to declare war on any part on the map, another impulse answers.

Another Arnold or Stallone film exported worldwide with a single message; We’ve got enough arsenal & ammunition to sell to all sides in war & then an army to destroy all forces with such weapons.

Thanks to dear Hollywood, terrorists can enjoy a couple of new brilliant methods to carry out their missions, film in film out!

& no one even bothers to search Beverly Hills for Bin Laden & co.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Box Of Happiness Please...

The construction worker gazed out of the window, drowning in his happy thoughts. Still thinking about the full breakfast he had had that very morning. Thoughts of getting paid had kept him working all day but he had not felt time passing by…

Some meters away his boss was nagging about how things were not going as planned, barking at each & every moving object. His ego set on what his wife had demanded for the night’s ceremony, the decreased value of his shares in the stock market, the board’s decision on his contract…

Outside the window, some kids returning home from school, thinking of nothing but having fun. Holding their parents’ hands with pride. Dreaming of their own days of adulthood.

Sitting in his Mercedes, a prestigious man is staring at them with envy, ready to sacrifice his all just to be able to experience childhood once again.

The monkey was too puzzled to analyze the human race so he went to his bed trying to sleep and end the nightmare.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Physics against me...

I will curse Newton with every breath before I go to sleep tonight. He wants war I give him one!! Ever since I got up this morning, he & his gravity have tried their best to assassinate me.

It all began when I woke up crashing to the ground at 6:00 a.m. I guess that worked as a more effective alarm-clock for me. It was a painful experience which hasn’t completely left me yet. It was ok as I saw nothing special to it.

I started to suspect Mr. Newton when an apple dropped on my once-called head nearly at noon! That was his biggest mistake. An Apple! That old trick!! He made it look as a child had accidentally let go of it from the 2nd floor. Huh! What was he thinking!? I am not a mental retard. (or perhaps no one has ever said it frankly into my face) I confess that pain on anyone’s head would have led to uncovering gravity phenomenon.

Till night it just seemed gravity falling in love with my belongings. My stationary, my shoes, my cell phone all had suddenly found the tendency to fall. Just like iron to magnet!!!

Perhaps you might think there is more to come but hey I’ve taken safety measures & got a helmet on!! Also closed-circuit cameras to monitor his every move... What now Newton!? What’s it gonna be next…

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Brush but there is no r...

My favorite comic character is a cowboy from Texas. A TRUE American idol; living the American dream. He lives in a house of white far away from Texas but he is always ready to save the world & also cheer up the world by his hilarious words. Yet there is no need to await his show. He is always on, no matter when you turn your T.V on. Oh and let’s not miss his connections with god…

I have quit watching Friends, Becker, Mad About You…

Side-effects include; Abdominal pain due to continuous laughter.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

So Easy To Live...

... another boring day in front of my T.V set. There is this movie on, showing a perfect romantic life of teenagers & goes on until they die leaving their grand-children in grief. So touching my brain thinks. Tears burn in my eyes...

Surfing the music channels I get fed up with all these songs talking about true love, revenge, regrets & more love...

Oops wrong channel, a fully illustrated couples bed-time activity guide...

Then on this news channel there is this exclusive, on how to live a happy life being backed up by some mysterious callers thanking them for their advice. Can't help to think all these callers are fake or stupid to call this stupid show.

Damn; life must be so easy with all these nice people showing me the right pathways of life!

Want an easy life? Buy a T.V set my brain suggests automatically!

I just don't get it, how is it that their lives are improving giving these silly advices but my life just goes down employing them???

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Drowning In Thoughts...

The monkey curled under his blanket & he thought to himself;

My will is only a helpless puppet. I follow the path I must. All my actions are the result of chemical reactions triggered by environmental stimulations. It is no escaping it. I have no control over what orders my brain will be forced to give me in response to what I am to face.

It’s all ok with me, not like I can do anything to change it anyways! Still I sometimes wonder if there’ll be anything called “The Judgment Day”. Can they possibly convict me of what I was not in control of!??

And then he went to the kitchen to take his daily prescribed pill to stop thinking...

Friday, September 30, 2005

She's Got The Looks...

In the city of angels, someone with average looks is more illustrative. It is the rareness which defines beauty… Defined as the different, the desired or the untouchable...

You & Your Agents...

She still gives me the same seductive winks from the other side of the class which I always try to resist or pretend to miss. It will be a lie to say I don’t enjoy the process but what interests me most is the more attention I get from you after her each session. The heated competition is all ok with me but I don’t know how you get me to confess each & every time that you are my only one.
I am getting the feeling that girl is nothing but your agent forcing the words of reassurance…

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Different Miracle...

The president of the few is on TV tonight. A self-confident look on his face as he describes what he has decided for the country. Ambitions of one, endangering all. The diplomacy of destruction. A single decision affecting lives of the population in general.

A click on the remote & yes there is a war-movie on tonight. Guess that's what I prefer to watch...

And in the hospital the doctor visits the next patient at 2:23 a.m listening to his every word, trying to save a single life with his single decision.

A single decision we call it but I guess that fails to donate the intended definition. It's a miracle...

Monday, September 26, 2005

No Dream No Nightmare...

My life has become an exciting complicated unwritten tale full of foolish mistakes.

Somewhat a skeptical enigma to myself, trying to confront the unpredictable. There are obstacles of various shapes and forms, trying to tie me to the ground but my exhausted limbs somehow manage to make way for my wounded corpse, carrying my burnt out spirit through what is described as life.

The trees grow, the rivers flow & there is the scarey tic-tac on my watch, insisting there is not much time left...

A Simple Wish...

Wouldn’t the scenario of life be much sweeter if it goes as true as Winnie the Pooh? Where there is no need to think matters out, where it is so easy to say what's flying in your mind, where it is possible to live...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Autumn has truely fallen...

Yeah, yeah, it is autumn, leaves fall down on roads, lovers walk hand-in-hand like romantic movies of 80s & stuff but pleasant is nothing but an alien to me this time round.

This fall, fall has fallen on me or maybe I have fallen into fall.

Most of my colleagues graduate today after years of living together & I already feel like a leaf-less tree without them. Have stopped all the clocks around me & forbidden them to march, have taken all necessary precautions but still doesn't seem to be working.

It is all so strange how all the leaves on my tree will fall tomorrow just when autumn begins & yet there is no true hope of re-blossoming when spring returns. I wish I was an Ever-green for a better-look through autumn...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Katrina only a show...

The news is talking about Katrina and the number of casualties. Then there are images of a used-to-be town affected by it's rage.

Deep down in my mind I thought;
An illustrative power-show of what women can do when in anger?
Still chills, shakes & shivers haunt me...

About Hurricanes

For hundreds of years, hurricanes in the West Indies were named after the particular saint's day on which the hurricane occurred. An Australian meteorologist began giving women's names to tropical storms before the end of the 19th century. In 1953, the U.S. National Weather Service, which is the federal agency that tracks hurricanes and issues warnings and watches, began using female names for storms.

In 1979, both women and men's names were used. (probably due to some real-storm in the organisation forcing changes ;-))

Friday, September 16, 2005

A Heart that Hurts Is A Heart That Cares...

He woke up with a cold sweat on his body. A killing chest pain. He had noticed the change in his heart's rhythm.

Anxiously entered the hospital. He could feel the same beats within.

Through their stethoscopes doctors could hear it clearly but hesitated to approve what they thought. Perplexed they finally decoded the message. His heart was crying her name…

It's Not Fair At All...

Who was the first to limit emotions to females!? Has it been due to the brave faces men put on & women’s sly acts?

No one ever puts a grasp on the fact that men die younger due to Heart problems in comparison to women!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hey cut the crap & get real...

Marriage has become a habit rather than an eternal vow towards perfection. One lives to marry instead of marrying to live a better life. Finding the person to complete you is rather a dull joke found only in ancient books or lame Hollywood movies.

The concept of marriage has become more like a business, a mission, a test full of unknown answers not to mention some seeing it only as a ladder towards success.

Our animal side has overshadowed the venerable part. Seems the Darwin chain is taking steps towards the beginning…

Saturday, September 10, 2005

It's about time...

According to my watch you are hours late for our date! Oh well maybe my plan did not work when I set my watch 12 hours ahead as my heart cried your name.

Still don't get it! As technology advances, why don't they just make watches with a higher speed??

It has been several hours & minutes since you gave me this watch to treasure every moment of our relationship. I am left staring as the seconds pass by, still trying to calculate the seconds in an everlasting love...

You innocent-looking criminal!

.... and the lawyer shouted aggressively; " I accuse TIME of mass-murdering the human-race through out history your honor."

Then from the other side of the court he heard the response; "Your TIME is up sir. We don't have Time for your nonsense! Shall TIME show mercy on you!"

The only rational explanation is;

we have developed watches as guardians of time to indicate the wasted moments, time of murder, dates to refuse, the amount of delay & the steady march towards the unknown familiar destination...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Let the party begin...

Whenever there is a party I am super-energetic. I can imagine us dancing closely as I will have to repeat teaching you the steps all over again. It is not the dance that pleases me but the "It's Nothing" I will reply every time you step on my feet. Yet I confess I know you stamp your feet on mine intentionally but our eyes keep the secret alive.

How long should I await the next invitation!?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurry there is a fight...

"... & now ladies & gentlemen for the next fight I give you the middle-eastern fighter with a suspected nuclear-weapon in his hand fighting against the mighty legion of western businessmen with advanced nuclear missiles & loads of political tricks up their sleeves."

"The gladiators will fight to death and may the winner be awarded with oil."
"let the battle begin"

and up there in the stands the attendants cheer to witness death, torture & pain.

"Wow did you see his head blow out??"
"I loved the part that man was slautered..."
"but I think that side is right. They must kill those bastards..."

...and the cheers blow out as the scene gets bloodier...

"Oh he is using an Uzi machine gun! I think he should use a gernade..."
"Nah, he better bomb the place..."
"but that won't kill as many..."

After a while the weaker falls. The crowd roars in satisfaction.
Shouting; "Kill, Kill, Kill..."

The emperor stands from his throne and yes, it is a thumbs-down. Not for disapproving murder but for ending the dreams of a helpless human being.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

When the curtains fall...

La vraie partie de moi...

A long term relation-ship, they are talk of the town.
They say they are made for each other.

He loves her, she loves him.

When she laughs it’s like he is riding the heavens,
When he looks into her eyes, she feels the heat of his body through eye-contact.

A perfect relationship built upon their beauty, their visage & their bright sides only.

Will they still be in love if they open their hearts to each other & reveal their true-selves?

Will they tolerate the person hiding behind the curtains of love?

Question Of The Topic: Is love just a gamble one has to rely greatly on his luck?

Monday, August 29, 2005

A dream well-achieved

Je veux dire quelque chose...

I had a dream...
I always wanted to become a famous talented actor & take part in an important play as the main charecter...

Decades have passed and my talent wasted. Haven't made it as an actor and lead a completely different life. However I have realized a more important fact.

No need to have the looks of Brad Pitt or even the talent of Al Pacino. Hollywood is not the only place to come up with incredible roles.

Not called an actor, I am a part of the most important play existing as an actor starring as no one but myself, playing for the world in an unrepeatable scene.

I can say that's a dream well-achieved for me and all of us living in the big screen...


How many of your passions have you killed for your glory??


Why can't I see you anymore? C'mon show yourself...

I've got white skin, black eyes and brown hair,
Sometimes I feel Blue but often I am painting the town red
I see the world through rose-colored glasses.

Have always had a green thumb &
According to my friends I am yellow bellied.
Wow I have a magnificent rainbow within...

P.S: As each individual is a rainbow of their own, can this be the reason we don't see rainbows much these days?

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blood for Oil...

When the world was not so civilised, blood was seen as the most valuable existing substance.

There were noble Bloodlines, which created wars. Wars to increase the value of the red liquid. History is full of aggressive actions towards a single blood drop.

Nowadays there are black liquids worth sheding gallons of red liquids.
-"Children? Women? Poor Men as soldiers? of any importance sir?"
-"C'mon kid, go play the combat video-game & Leave politics for the politicians. We know what's best for you..."

Furthermore it's price is always on the news, monitored second by second.
"...Today oil prices have reached a record high of sth-$s a barrel, that means more human sacrifice will be needed for..."

Why am I wasting my time while oil prices are going rocket-high!
Blood this, Blood that, My foot!!!!
The hell with blood & bloodlines! I rather have a dialysis & replace my worthless blood with worthy oil to evolve into perfection...

Friday, August 26, 2005

Don't sit or you will change!

Have you ever wondered about your personality fluctuations during the day??
Have you noticed the CHAIR-EFFECT on our charecteristics?

Take a deep breath before reading the rest!
As it seems we change in accord to the CHAIR we sit on! (refresh your mind)

Do you act the same while sitting on;
your kitchen chair, office chair, sofa in your living room, Mcdonalds or a luxurious restaurant,

classroom chair(notice the difference between taking the teachers seat or the students seat!), park bench, church seats... & last but not least even when you sit on the toilet!!!

Huh... These innocent looking objects have enslaved us!
Also notice our tendency towards them wherever we go, in whatever we make!

coincidence?? nah, I don't think so!

  1. It is suggested to buy better chairs for better personality...
  2. When proposing make sure you have not taken an enchanted seat to force you through it!
  3. Don't sit on the chair others offer you!
  4. Take a seat you prove as safe and take it with you wherever you go.
  5. place a seat-belt on any chair you sit on for personality-safety!

For giving your advice, you can contact us through the comment link & leave your message after the beep sound (don't wait too long, a chair might have blocked the sound!!)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Where is the Love!!...

The monkey took another look at the disected heart in his hand,
Exhausted for his failure in finding his intended target

Reviewed his text-books & looked through the articles for the last time...
Still preplexed, hopeless, he thought to himself;

Can this muscular minimal figure of rough stature be the home to
humans smooth endless love he envied??


Why is HEART the symbol of love!??

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Anti-stress solution...

When stress is mounting,
when relief seems so out of reach,

The magical solution is the sweet memories
of an honest childish laugh from deep down the heart...

(Moral:Laugh and the whole world laughs with you,cry and... you have to blow your nose!!)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Not enough space, Brain disk clean up...

Have had a terrible headache since this morning.
Painkillers!? the headache has laughed them off!!

A brain CT... A clear message shown;
The hard disk is full of ideas dude! Brain disk clean up??

Ah I got to let some of the massive ideas in my mind out...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Adrenaline Effect...

After watching "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" followed by "The Fantastic Four"
There is a hollow invincibility in me.

A superb feeling of Adrenaline rush...
Don't believe in pain, injury or death...

Tomorrow after the effect has vanished,
Will I be able to cope with reality again???

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I am alive...

- Dr what's wrong with me?

Lately there is not much I desire to have
Yet countless what I'ld like others to lose.

Sympathy has turned into envy
& Love has changed into haterd.

- (with a satisfactory smile) Full criteria of a healthy human-being son. Welcome to real-life.

Monday, August 15, 2005

My evolving demise...

My eyes move about,
Lights of circuits & magnetic fields all around me,

A knife in hand,
Pealing deep into my skin,

Still no blood...
Still the same old sparkles...

Just another product of our evolving demise,
Still no blood but my circuits are bare, ready for another recharge towards humanity.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Can't find happiness...

I have finally discovered the reason to my failure in finding happiness,

It must be due to my fear of height.

I can never manage to get on cloud 9...

Monday, August 08, 2005

Behind my mask...

Today I woke up through a new energetic horizon,
Washed my face in a pool of certainty,

Put on my costume of self-confidence,
Wore the perfume of eternal luck,

Placed my glasses of bravery,
Fixed a forceful smile

And checked my appearance in the mirror of grandiosity.

On the surface so invincible
Underneath yet so vulnerable...

Saturday, August 06, 2005

13s & these stupid 9s...

Who says 13 is the unlucky number?? why is it people hate 13 while there is 9...

How many times have you miscalculated (been fooled to be honest) with these silly 9s while purchasing a product or estimating prices??

-"Oh hi, I was wondering how much this thing costs??"
-"49.99$ sir"
(Brain starts calculating ........ oh it i nearly 50... but it says 40-something... It is 50... no not yet 50...........)
-"Oh my it is a 40$ product!! wow I think I buy it!!"

...and with ears transforming into donkey's, with a smile full of satisfaction, you have been tricked by 9s, 9s & more 9s!!! OH I think I rather hate 9 for fooling my nervous system time after time rather than innocent 13 for it's scary figure!!!

No wonder our dogs look at us in confusion!!!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Not tell a living soul...

I've got a strange feeling I am the only dead person around! It's like everytime I ask someone not to tell a secret to aliving soul, it turns out I am the only one who never hears the subject ever again!

Friends always deny slipping the news out!

It must be people reading my mind through my eyes, the way all my secrets suddenly become universal! Will see a doctor next week for a probable oporation.

Next step I got to filter my mind connection to these sattelites as well...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

My middle finger...

The only part of me left is the tip of my right middle finger stretchin out hopelessly for invisible wisdom.

The finger of haterd and rude gestures is the only part of me left out of the ocean of stupidity which surrounds me as I sink further into it's bluish darkness.

No hope surviving the darkness.

This ocean is too deep for my helpless stature to make it out this time.

gulp gulp, the last inch sinking with no will to be saved...

As the centre

As I am the central commandin point in the universe
and galaxies of emotion, wisdom & tolerance hail my presence;
why is it, I gotta obey rules people I don believe in have set for my only chance of living!??

Just born but can't feel the wind...

As I opened my eyes to this nu world, I was expectin a cool breeze or perhaps the warm shining sun to welcome me.

But seems I am destined to carry pain as aliens in green grabbed me, pulled me, fooled me and the next step is probably to Tool me on their way towards success...

Was the scenario I accepted to take part in suppose to be so cruel???