Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HIV is in the eyes of the beholder!

Science has certainly lost its path! Perhaps it needs a GPS, or since it is totally illiterate or as some say even blinder than Love, I'ld suggest one of these guide dogs for the visually impaired and an extra cain so it might finally get somewhere!

So, like evermore people meet their doom due to contracting AIDS day after day & science is providing people with condoms, antivirals, blah blah blahs?? What ever happened to "prevention before cure" then?

Dear science, HELLLO!?? Osama was found after 10 years but HIV still evades you!? Maybe you are looking for it in realms of Afghanistan instead of Pakistan?? AIDS is not an STD, moron! it is simply a VTD!! you are searching for cure in the wrong territory!!

* VTD: Visually transmitted disease