Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's Only A Shadow...

I have been tagged by a great blogger (Chitty). I had vowed not to take tags on but well I couldn't resist the call & have decided to take this one to prevent the forth-coming. #20 is to make sure I can get away from tags. Plz spare me ;-)

  1. The best way into my heart is through my favorite songs.
  2. My defenses are always low when among my friends.
  3. Get on well with everyone but make friends hard. Have very few I can call friends, although numerous people I know.
  4. Orders are what I hate to obey.
  5. My worst fear is having twins.
  6. When I think about death I wish it comes for me before the ones I love. Can’t even imagine losing some.
  7. Am not a night owl. No matter when I go to bed I will get up 6:30 a.m. In cloudy weather my biological clock gets retarded.
  8. I can’t stand people taking me as a fool & trying to trick me.
  9. Talking about marriage is my ultimate turn off in a young relationship. Hey don’t get me wrong on this one.
  10. I enjoy any food!
  11. I speak in Farsi, English & French.
  12. I’ve taught English for 6 years while studying medicine.
  13. Listen to all sortta music. Am not a techno or any-rap guy. My fave singers include; Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, Sting, System of a down, Nickelback, Robbie Williams, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Eminem, Bon Jovi, The Rasmus, Bryan Adams, Elton John, Chris de Burgh, Lara Fabian, Emmanuel Moire, Green Day, ……………
  14. I have on & off periods. Don know why but I act strange from time to time, falling into depression from my usually manic mood ;-)
  15. Enjoy thinking about the stuff passing around me. Always thinking about what's passing around although I don't talk about it much.
  16. Stupidly frank.
  17. Like jokes.
  18. Hate horror movies.
  19. A swimmer. Also do chess ;-)
  20. Open question… Leave your question after the beep sound & we'll get back to you if possible


Hydra said...

Yes... I was wondering... Do you think pizza is worse than internet or they're equally evil?

Farzad said...

We've got a lot in common Doc.
Nice post! ...
Cheers :)

Kimia said...

1) Are you happy with your life?

Never come to St.John's, you will sleep all day long.

David said...

Nice list, Omid! I am very similar with respect to friends. However, my biological clock has been broken since about the age of 15! It is often a struggle for me to get to sleep at night and wake early in the morning. Some day, I should go to a sleep lab and let them try and figure me out. :) Your English is really good! Did you live outside of Iran for some period of time? I used to swim a lot when I was younger. I was even on several teams. I was best at breast stroke. I have really good frog legs! :)

Dr O2 said...

Hydra - well actually I am on diet & don usually take any of them ;-)

Farzad - tnx Farzad. Guess many are Iranian criterias ;-)

Kimia - Medically my Mood is euphoric which means generally I get along with life ok but sometimes my affect experiences periods of deperession. Overall am ok with my life. Is there anyone completely happy with his/her life!??

David - actually I did spend a period in the states. Used to live in Riverside, Ca when I was a kid. Afterwards i have studied english continiously.

speaking of sleeping problems, my borther is just like that. He nearly sleeps in the morning failing to C the day light as he wakes up at noon!!!

As a kid I was fat :"> so I actually could only do swimming! so I turned into a lifeguard at the age of 18 when still fat!!! guess it was the floating ability that kept me going :-)

Frank said...

1.The best way into my heart is through my favorite MOVIES
2. me too.
3.Same here.
4.Sometimes yes,sometimes No
5.No twins for me
6.Death is .....
7.Love cloudy weather sometime
8.I am thoroughly with you in that regard
9.The other day I had a discussion about the subject and one of my stufdents said"Its a Camel that sleeps in front of every ones house" I agreed
10.Me too.
11.English &Farsi
12.For 10 years
13.Elton John,Chris de Burgh
14.Most of the time a walking manic among other manics
15.Me too
16.My name is Frank so,I am stupid too.Honesty is my WORST policy.
17.Me too.
18.I love horror movies and almost all sort of movies.
I am a mindfuck (you can search the term on the net if it is puzzeling to U)
19.No interest in sporrts
20.I only know the "Answer" to the questions;)
21.Am I crazy,This comment looks like a post than a comment

Kimia said...

I don't think anybody is completely happy with his life but if someone doesn't have a big regret or a dissatisfaction which haunt him everyday, I would say he is happy.

arash said...

چون درختي در صميم سرد و بي ابر زمستاني
هرچه برگم بود و بارم بود،
هر چه از فر بلوغ گرم تابستان و ميراث بهارم بود
هرچه ياد و يادگارم بود ،
ريخته ست ...
چون درختي در زمستانم ،
بي كه پندارد بهاري بود و خواهد بود
ديگر اكنون هيچ مرغ پير يا كوري !
در چنين عرياني انبوهم آيا لانه خواهد بست؟
...اخوان ثالث

LiVEwiRe said...

I am soo with you on #8... at least 163% backing you on that one! How is it that you have managed to learn three languages and I struggle with one... ;)

Dr O2 said...

Frank - U trying to prevent tags as well it seems :-)

I do enjoy movies but haven' yet become addicted to them the way I am lost in music...

Kimia - yeah I am right with you on that one. I can consider myself among the satisfied.

arash - look who is here! so nice to be hearing from U! a nice poem of my fave poet.

livewire - well these days it is necessary to know english as it is becoming the universal language of all countries. French, I study for fun as I enjoy their songs and litreture :-)

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

You finally got around to doing it.
Nice one, doc. Now I feel like i know you. :)

Dr O2 said...

it got somewhat late but finally done :-)