Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blood for Oil...

When the world was not so civilised, blood was seen as the most valuable existing substance.

There were noble Bloodlines, which created wars. Wars to increase the value of the red liquid. History is full of aggressive actions towards a single blood drop.

Nowadays there are black liquids worth sheding gallons of red liquids.
-"Children? Women? Poor Men as soldiers? of any importance sir?"
-"C'mon kid, go play the combat video-game & Leave politics for the politicians. We know what's best for you..."

Furthermore it's price is always on the news, monitored second by second.
"...Today oil prices have reached a record high of sth-$s a barrel, that means more human sacrifice will be needed for..."

Why am I wasting my time while oil prices are going rocket-high!
Blood this, Blood that, My foot!!!!
The hell with blood & bloodlines! I rather have a dialysis & replace my worthless blood with worthy oil to evolve into perfection...

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