Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurry there is a fight...

"... & now ladies & gentlemen for the next fight I give you the middle-eastern fighter with a suspected nuclear-weapon in his hand fighting against the mighty legion of western businessmen with advanced nuclear missiles & loads of political tricks up their sleeves."

"The gladiators will fight to death and may the winner be awarded with oil."
"let the battle begin"

and up there in the stands the attendants cheer to witness death, torture & pain.

"Wow did you see his head blow out??"
"I loved the part that man was slautered..."
"but I think that side is right. They must kill those bastards..."

...and the cheers blow out as the scene gets bloodier...

"Oh he is using an Uzi machine gun! I think he should use a gernade..."
"Nah, he better bomb the place..."
"but that won't kill as many..."

After a while the weaker falls. The crowd roars in satisfaction.
Shouting; "Kill, Kill, Kill..."

The emperor stands from his throne and yes, it is a thumbs-down. Not for disapproving murder but for ending the dreams of a helpless human being.


Anonymous said...

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Chelsea said...

Thank you for visiting my blog a few weeks ago. It's been a rough few weeks so I haven't been able to send back some love. After briefly perusing your blog I think it's absolutely fascinating and when I get home and have a minute to sit down and not be interrupted by these work phones I plan on reading it more thoroughly!! Keep up the good work and thanks again!!

Dr O2 said...

tnx Chelsea.