Sunday, June 24, 2007

Obliged To Divulge...

Life is not as hard as some make it seem.
The main topics are very clear;

Woman wants man,
Man tries to stay bachelor,
Woman gets man,
Woman gets baby,
Man dies
& They happily live ever after.


Men are the known victims of this beyond Shakespeare tragedy called life but still they play along & get along with their unfortunate role. But why is that so? Are men nut-heads or something?

Men as the more emotional gender of the two, do try to maintain their individuality as long as possible but it comes a time in each man's life when he feels lonely. Father Loneliness is the big boss behind this unavoidable plot. When men grow tired of being with their male friends or are left with no still-single friends, they sit thinking one day in the tub or maybe one night in bed, that they need someone to be there when they come home, someone whom even with her constant naggings, they know would be there for them when they need help and more than any other reason perhaps, someone whom they can offer their masculine love to. That is when all half-wit guys decide to wear THE RING & no matter WHEN that day comes, when it comes a guy chooses one of the possible companions in range & present in his life on that special day.


Footnote 1: In order to avoid shocks, buy calenders to check if your "D-Day" is listed.

Footnote 2: Girls, if you like or most probably love a guy, make sure you'ld be there when his "D-Day" comes!

Footnote 3: There is no such thing as a wise guy as a naive girl is also a myth.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Be Sweet, Do Not Sweat

You'll be rewarded if you do a good job?
That surely is a myth. Rewards go only to the ones who know the way to present their charm & empathy to the boss or just to cut the euphemism, flatter the big guy better! Flattery gets you nowhere is a total misleading sign on the road my friend. There actually is nowhere where flattery can't take you. It is more like the whole world is a big apple, we are only living to polish!