Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sinking To Oblivion

Happy birthday humanity dear
You could have been 2007 years old by now.
He used to ponder.
Used to…
Or perhaps was "used by" ponder…
He can’t tolerate his own brain waves under lethal cocktails of painkillers & whiskey no more.
The new mind-free alcoholic show on 2100 sharps seems to be carving their message at last besides their disillusioning effect.
Obliviousness is the foolproof method towards happiness, he can read.
While thinkers hurt their brain cells & torture their youth, thinking yet to no avail, the majority, after a successful day of money-raking take their daily prey to bed
& wake up the next, searching for another & the next generation is formed by who mes amis? Nous ou ils???
Then the monkey unplugged his senses & dosed off, lost in hollow dreams & his fatal future of unavoidable pondering tomorrows.