Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Swan Is Singing...

Imagine trying to build concrete blocks in a line in the hope of building a stronghold upon them. Then in an instant you feel you are one of the blocks in the line yourself. Then suddenly the camera changes into a tower view & you see the blocks have taken domino shapes & before you notice what’s wrong or what should be done, an invisible force pushes the first piece.

Me & my hopes of fixing things up have already fallen. I tried my best not to trigger the next fall. Should turn on CNN to check the amount of damage on this sinking ship…

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Natural Selection, Is It?

A brave strong face the XY put on. Posing a tough stature on the stage they show off the muscles they've built up during their hard daily routines. Yeah, yeah so much for the strong masculine guys! Then tell me how is it that the strong men live shorter lives than the so called weaker women!?

Friday, March 10, 2006

A Frog In My Throat...

A naïve gigantic rooster of only black & white I might be,
squawking around the farm. But it still hurts when they use
the friendship knife to cut your head off doesn’t it?

However small the size of this heart might be, it still can crack deep.

I guess I still can shed a tear or two behind the mask of silence I wear around. Storm can still flow through my every cell.

How simplistic of me to trick myself into believing it was still day
with the many candles I lit around me when it was deep dark outside.

A look at the wrist watch tells me time will wash off the pain. I'll treasure the scar…


Men probably marry after friends kill themselves in their eyes...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Sometimes events forget the reason they are taking place. Sometimes prizes go to the wrong people. Yet when we are talking about Oscars we are not talking about a small scale on which movies are judged & mistakes are common. Or in better words we were not talking about it that way at least!

All n' all, with all the familiar glamourous faces & the same if not better preparations, Oscar was only a fading shadow of what it used to be this year. The prizes went to the worst options ever & they just went to the safe-to-be winners instead of the must-be winners!

Oscar "Crash"ed it's own reputation with the stupidity running through the elections including aspects in their judgement which was not to be involved.

Well no argue that this gay-topic has always proved to be provokative to the public but "Brokeback Mountain" was just a movie when it arrived at the Oscars & it had to be judged accordingly. Guess there are factors other than Cinema involved. Is that what Oscar is all about then?? Why 8 nominations if they did not approve the story? Straight or gay? is this the question they should be asking before voting?

& the error was not only in this field but it continued to emphasize on shocking the audiance instead of rewarding the best...


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Selling Comparatives & Superlatives

Walking up again towards "Human Life High"
To learn what I am told to be learning;
Who is the strongest
Who is the best
Who holds the aces
The East or the West
This is the crap our children are learning
& then suddenly I feel my eyes burning
Jesus Christ imagine what it must be earning…

Roger & Me