Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"Excuse Me; I think I'm Lost..."

After learning all these languages I am still unable to decode the messages in love. Why does love have to be in signs!?


Normally I have to be talking about health issues & how this air pollution is affecting our lives & then you talk of the dying birds due to the condition! You even go further to say crows are your favorites! I wish I was a sailor to have been able to sail through your waves of wisdom but I guess I have already drown even before I could try to explain my new feelings are unrelated to the pollution toxicity.


jarvenpa said...

Love is beyond language...and, you are right, can be very confusing. This is a poignant post--you are such a poet.

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

Showing love is more important than saying it in any language. I guess why love is often referred to as the universal language... or is that music?
Drowning in someone else's wisdom is one of the best experiences I've ever had. :)

Em said...


Ya luv is like that it can make u many things that you would neva think of doing before...

Its confusing and enrichenin at the same time.

U are so getting the emo bit here!

Dr O2 said...

Jarvenpa - when it goes mad this love language it gets so confusig. Sometimes misinterpretations occur & then there are false alarms & stuff :-S the language has numerous accents I shall call it...

Chitty - U know chitty it is all well but sometimes there are no words in languages to translate love into! Interpretations fail us badly as well. Then is the time when this sortta depression shows up...

em - yeah me is gettin the habit I guess... love is not all good as you find yrself doin strange things you normally wouldn have & say stupid things agnst yr charecter... but it is funny people know love language when the time comes...

Cat said...

Hi Doc,
Yea, I hear you my man. I've been there too myself many times. The interesting thing now is that somehow I end up mastering the sign language out of the whole thing.
I always believed that dating a disgusting process, which we can't ignore. And love sometimes turns to be nothing but a misunderstanding between two people.
I have a feeling in your case, you're not the one who's misunderstood. But what about the other side of the table? Maybe she's the misunderstood one.
By the way, those damn crows! Tell me about it... There is no way of getting away from the bastards, but hang in there my man ;)
Nice post!
Cheers :)

Dr O2 said...

Farzad - yep perhaps. well this sign language is proving to be a tricky one out of my powers to master it! C'est pas mon truc je pense :-)

You know Tehran's air pollution status has reached a state that birds might soon die in the condition but still I guess crows are the least in danger! I just don like these creatures as they are the ones targeting my black car after a carwash ;-)

Suraya said...

Ahhh....Love....sometimes it happens in the most unusual circumstances...even if birds are involved, hmmm... :o)

P.S. to you too, thanks 4 stopping by my blog, yours looks pretty cool too, shall we linky? (too bad if you don't want to, I've already linked you!) hehe

David said...

I was never any good at reading subtle signals from women. In fact, I never really wanted to play that sort of game. The relationships that I have had always started with simple friendship. That worked for me because there was never any confusion. I have heard a number of Iranian men complain that Iranian women are too high maintenance. Another thing that I have heard is that Iranian women are very sheltered and delicate. Well, some of my female Iranian friends are quite the opposite of that. So, I am wondering if Iranian men have certain stereotypes about how they think Iranian women are, when in fact, they are not really that way. Such stereotypes may make dating in Iran much more difficult. What do you think?

The air pollution in Tehran sounds terrible! If it is killing birds, it must be making a lot of people sick. In the U.S. all the cars are required to have pollution emission control devices to reduce the air pollution. Do the cars in Iran have anything like that?

Cat said...

Salut Omid,
Je n'ai pas voulu écrire ce commentaire dans l'anglais, donc est quel est ici mon opinion personnelle, qui est basée sur mes propres expériences personnelles. Dans une relation si la magie est là-bas la chose entière ferait des fluxs tout seul n'importe ce que langue nous utilisons. Premièrement vous pourriez vouloir découvrir qu'elle ne joue pas quelque genre de jeu d'esprit avec vous. Alors essayer d'être sûr qu'elle a obtenu des sensations pour vous. Dans la fin, sortir et l'écrire hors pour elle. J'ai fait ceci et il a travaillé pour moi la plupart du temps. Bien je suis maintenant épousé et je n'ai pas été dans le jeu pour presque 11 années maintenant. Mais juste si vous savez, ceci est un procédé normal que tout le monde traverse n'importe que.
J'ai entendu parler de la pollution dans Iran et il me fait me sentir triste pour vous les gars, mais quand il s'agit de ces corbeaux, les baiser tout. Ils ont la tendance pour attaquer ma tête pendant le printemps chaque temps je marche au café-restaurant pour obtenir mon café du matin. Ils vont vraiment des noix sur moi surtout quand je porte mon T-Shirt bleu :)

Em said...


Re:Sumtimes you jus hv to let it flow and it will run its course...If its meant to be you will jus know

Anyway the link abt is a gallery of local food photos..

Dr O2 said...

suraya83 - actually love happens only in unusual circumstances ;-)

david - I also find long term friendships the best but me has a problem! After a while friendships become so valuable to me that I prefer them to stay that way!!! perhaps liking is stronger than loving ;-)

As for Iranian girls; well there are all types. There are high maintenance ones of course which are somewhat nightmarous but that ain't the general behaviour. Mostly for the ones with godess looks perhaps ;-) Iranian girls can be the best & most loyal which is rare these days.

Tastes differ mate, guess you'll have to experience it yourself :-)

Farzad - mersi pour les points importants mon ami. Je les trouves tres utile. Mais encore il y a bcp de situation que je ne peux pas traduire!! Il y a bcp de persones comme mes amies mais quelquefois elles font les choses differentes que je ne peux pas comprendre!! Je ne suis pas en train de chercher alors je pense que je peux attendre encore ;-)

em - yep sometimes that helps but when it's all stormy & unclear one might get lost :-S

Foulla said...

Elle court, elle court,
La maladie d'amour,
Dans le cœur des enfants
De sept à soixante dix-sept ans.
Elle chante, elle chante,
La rivière insolente
Qui unit dans son lit
Les cheveux blonds, les cheveux gris.

Elle fait chanter les hommes et s'agrandir le monde.
Elle fait parfois souffrir tout le long d'une vie.
Elle fait pleurer les femmes, elle fait crier dans l'ombre
Mais le plus douloureux, c'est quand on en guérit.
chanson de Michel Sardou,je te l'a dedie;)

Dr O2 said...

foulla - Sardou, il est mon chanteur prefere! il a bcp de chanson comme ca. Par Example "EN CHANTANT".

Foulla said...


Quand j'étais petit garçon,
Je repassais mes leçons
En chantant
Et bien des années plus tard,
Je chassais mes idées noires
En chantant.
C'est beaucoup moins inquiétant
De parler du mauvais temps
En chantant
Et c'est tellement plus mignon
De se faire traiter de con
En chanson.

La vie c'est plus marrant,
C'est moins désespérant
En chantant.

Dr a said...

let me catagorize:
1-There is an inverse relationship between IQ and decoding women.
2-LOve is just a rush of excitatory neurotransmitters to your brain caused by a yet unidentified stimulus.
3- Oh how i wish love was as simple as studying pharmacology;)

NBB said...

crows are not my favourites.

swan_pr said...

love can be so many things, can be expressed and interpreded in so many ways. yet there is this sense of truth, of absolute certainty that there is something there. I try not to question the signs so much.

Spyder said...

wow, who would have thought that this subject would illict so many comments ;)
as far as the language of love is considered i think i'll just become a mute.

David said...

Omid, I think you are right about liking vs. loving. Liking can last a lifetime. Passionate love lasts maybe a year until the brain's neurochemistry returns to its senses. :) So, I think that it is best to fall in love with a good friend! Btw, I feel a bit linguistically retarded being in the presence of trilingual people! However, I am still happy to be here! :)

Dr O2 said...

foulla - oui :-) c'est ca... en general je trouve les chansons francais plus jolie que les autre. Mais je ne sais pas la raison pour ca :-D

dr a - perhaps the categorization will be noted in the next generation of Medical textbooks :-) yet another master piece by you I guess...

happy to C U back. Was somewhat gettin worried!

NBB - they sometimes haunt me in my nightmares :-)

Swan - yep but I've got problem noticing if signs are love signs or signs with no real intentions :-)

Spyder - yeah a mute reaction is a good one! I like the idea but still the signs remain :-S

David - that is ideal to fall in love on liking bases :-) If not one has to be lucky to like the person he/she loves before the weil of love falls to uncover the person with the ring you gave to...