Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Technological Breakdown...

When you feel your luck has drained away; purchase a Nike Horse-Shoe to bring you luck & to encourage you to just do it!

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Air Nike Rabbit Foot


… and there was this competition where freedivers held their breaths for setting new records. There were training sessions & loads of advertisement surrounding the events. 7mins, 8:06, 8:50! & now ladies & gents here is the winner; Tom Sietas with 8:58!!

No one really took notice that as a fetus they could hold their breaths up to 122 minutes.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Painful To Be A Woman...

It had been estimatedly 39 weeks & 3 days since she had fortified herself in her so called castle of dark where no light could penetrate her vague waves of thought on what was passing outside. Lately she had not felt as comfortable as before as it had become more of a dungeon to her than a safe but still she refused to give way to the increasing pressures trying to force her out. The walls were caving in, now touching her skin & twisting her towards the wall in the other end. Forces were mounting. Suddenly light -the stranger- tickeled her closed eyelids. She was soon to exit the unfriendly walls she used to call home. Her head squeezed through the opening, her pupils greeted the first rays of sunshine. She released her shoulders through painfully & her body expulsed out. My hands held her still-in-shocked stature as she started to experience her first of yet-to-repeat cry session...

Photo added Sunday 22:16

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

THEY Sure Know Better...

A woman in her 50s enters a clinic. She complains for nearly 15 minutes as the adroit doctor listens to her every word patiently. In the end he gives her the necessary advice caring for what's best for her. She walks out. On her way out she whispers to the next patient; he is no good. He hasn't prescribed me anything!


It is said that medical schools will soon close down as the need for doctors has vanished. Anyone who knows the alphabet is entitled to analyze & guide patients through officially of this date. Doctors will remain intact only for jotting down the prescriptions on demand...

Courtesy My News Agency

They felt much easier paying mechanics to fix their cars than paying doctors fixing they, themselves.
But why, it was a mystery...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Reflections Of A Tan Jacket...

A life-time has passed; Checking yourself everyday in the mirror, posing the perfect smile trying to appear the RED guy you always thought you were, while reflecting BLUE in the mirrors passing by...

Caring friends they called themselves, not letting you see you in them... & now hearing it from the unexpectedly best, but after all these years...


Don't want to buy your mirrors nor would I like to see myself in them. I am ready to pay for your description of me in your reflectors.


If you appear the same in your new mirror, break it down & purchase a new one…


Don't tame your mirrors; let them show the wild animals we are.


Mirrors have learnt to lie since the Snow White saga.


If mirrors could talk, they would keep silent...


On the mirror, below the frame read; "No Comment"...


"Images in this mirror do not necessarily reflect our views but the participants' who have decided to pose their figures here."


Powered by a deep hallucination session

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sweeter Than Honey...

He has lately come to discover a new aspect of his personality. A powerful but destructive power source. A devil has risen in him capable of teaching Satan a few new tricks. He is alien to the feeling but he knows it won’t be easy to control the up rise. Perhaps the too many triggers have weakened his security measures or even his defensive mechanisms have called for emergency help from this unknown ally of dark.

The golden ring above his head is somewhat shattered by the devil crawling under his skin. An amicable figure of friendly manners turns into a master of devilry, terrifying his own spirit. He is never on offence but when they intrude his honesty his defense acts stronger than any WMD, aiming a single target; REVENGE...

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Symphony Within...






Our symphonies begin & end the same. It is the additional musical instruments playing various notes that form our unique song...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's Only A Shadow...

I have been tagged by a great blogger (Chitty). I had vowed not to take tags on but well I couldn't resist the call & have decided to take this one to prevent the forth-coming. #20 is to make sure I can get away from tags. Plz spare me ;-)

  1. The best way into my heart is through my favorite songs.
  2. My defenses are always low when among my friends.
  3. Get on well with everyone but make friends hard. Have very few I can call friends, although numerous people I know.
  4. Orders are what I hate to obey.
  5. My worst fear is having twins.
  6. When I think about death I wish it comes for me before the ones I love. Can’t even imagine losing some.
  7. Am not a night owl. No matter when I go to bed I will get up 6:30 a.m. In cloudy weather my biological clock gets retarded.
  8. I can’t stand people taking me as a fool & trying to trick me.
  9. Talking about marriage is my ultimate turn off in a young relationship. Hey don’t get me wrong on this one.
  10. I enjoy any food!
  11. I speak in Farsi, English & French.
  12. I’ve taught English for 6 years while studying medicine.
  13. Listen to all sortta music. Am not a techno or any-rap guy. My fave singers include; Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, Sting, System of a down, Nickelback, Robbie Williams, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Eminem, Bon Jovi, The Rasmus, Bryan Adams, Elton John, Chris de Burgh, Lara Fabian, Emmanuel Moire, Green Day, ……………
  14. I have on & off periods. Don know why but I act strange from time to time, falling into depression from my usually manic mood ;-)
  15. Enjoy thinking about the stuff passing around me. Always thinking about what's passing around although I don't talk about it much.
  16. Stupidly frank.
  17. Like jokes.
  18. Hate horror movies.
  19. A swimmer. Also do chess ;-)
  20. Open question… Leave your question after the beep sound & we'll get back to you if possible

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

History Is For Fools...

The boy in the crowd suddenly shouted in protest;
I hate you, your so-called gods & your every religion, bounding me to the boundaries of necessity. Your gods are nothing more than imaginary red-lines to protect you & your beliefs against your fears. Advertising freedom, peace & unity huh…

The lady standing beside him slowly backed away with the fears of an eminent lightning aiming the lad, would hit her by mistake…

Sunday, November 06, 2005

La vie c'est plus marrant en chantant

He was too happy as they put it. Always in an extraordinary mood. They called it an elevated mood. His laughter injected joy to all in its range. Signing the day in with a magical cheer-up-the-day-has-come song & signing out with a forget-your-sadness one. The guys in white enjoyed it as much as others but envied his painlessness. They marked him as a manic, gave him unidentified depressing pills. He doesn’t sing or laugh anymore; birds are numb, people are depressed, whitecoats miss the joy injections, doubting the guidlines in their textbooks...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Set The Alarm Clock...

There were many passengers on board. Different colors, languages, feelings & ambitions were floating in the scene. Some were talking about their attractive neighbors, some preferred to take a nap, others seemed to be staring at the horizon while they hid their blindness behind the sunglasses of negligence. There were those who had started reading the signs around though but the majority were just following the tracks with their gloomy eyes. Suddenly the fully-awake stranger shouted: “can you please stop this planet? I will get off here…

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

All About Sex & Money...

- How many sexual partners has she got?
- I've got no clue who’s bought the stakes