Saturday, August 06, 2005

13s & these stupid 9s...

Who says 13 is the unlucky number?? why is it people hate 13 while there is 9...

How many times have you miscalculated (been fooled to be honest) with these silly 9s while purchasing a product or estimating prices??

-"Oh hi, I was wondering how much this thing costs??"
-"49.99$ sir"
(Brain starts calculating ........ oh it i nearly 50... but it says 40-something... It is 50... no not yet 50...........)
-"Oh my it is a 40$ product!! wow I think I buy it!!"

...and with ears transforming into donkey's, with a smile full of satisfaction, you have been tricked by 9s, 9s & more 9s!!! OH I think I rather hate 9 for fooling my nervous system time after time rather than innocent 13 for it's scary figure!!!

No wonder our dogs look at us in confusion!!!

1 comment:

amirali mahalli said...

I've never thought about it this way pal! i've always hated these .99 s! this one was good!