Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Toy Plane Without Fuel...

As a child I knew my brain worked much better than most adults.
I had a clear vision & deep inside I felt as a wise adult.
I was just inches shorter, didn't know how to make money or make love.

I knew time was the lost element & as the clock marched on,
I was getting closer to adulthood.

Now I am tall enough, have graduated & make enough money
I make love, I worry about numerous adulthood issues.
Yet I no longer have the clear vision & deep inside
I feel as a stupid child.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Short Life...

What is the story behind our short lives?
  1. Too many people; not enough material
  2. Global warming; medical heat stroke preventions
  3. The importance of low weight; less pressure on feet
  4. The communication era; no comment
  5. Others

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sad Wings Of Fortune...

Life is full of different one way streets which lead to the same destination. There are various signs on the way. You try to navigate your way towards the target you've set off for but after a long drive through the impossible, when support is more than essential from the watching crowd, instead of all the cheers & jeers, you see them holding up the "Time To Die" sign.

& in the last painful, cold & lethal seconds, as your memories flash by with a regretful theme, you come to wonder if they would face a different fortune driving the same car you had inherited from the last contestant.


I am not so sure anymore if it is the old age that kills people due to exhaustion. It is perhaps the young age killing the exhausted due to negligence & ignorance.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Battery Low...

"Necessity" might be the mother of inventions, but "Laziness" is surely the grandma.


Hail The Great Laziness For It Is The Sole Motivation Towards Progression.
It acts just as the rope-tied-carrot held in front of our long-eared images, driving us forward towards a life filled with more laziness or the polite equivalent; Comfort!


Laziness is the pioneer in each & every aspect of this planet. The first basic molecule in each & every object. The opening sound in the sentences we say or the alphabet we use to spell out our ideas...


"Was it not for laziness, we'ld be still living in caves..."

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Ring Sections Beneath...

Age is not calculated by the number of candles on ones birthday cake but the thickness of ones skin.

Maybe not even experience but the maturity of responses to the environmental triggers.

Or perhaps it is not measured by the number of friends one makes but the number of friends he keeps.


In case of different answers by the different methods, go with the average.


It is possible not to age & stay young according to the new formulas. This might as well win me a noble prize...