Sunday, December 21, 2008

One last appeal

There are pills, alcoholic drinks, meditation
and a whole bunch of forgetting mechanisms.

There are mes who think
the reason we are here is remembering
and not reproduction.

There is also a place called mental hospital.


jarvenpa said...

We all have different ways of seeking serenity, don't we, doctor?
I hope you find yours--and that it has moments of great beauty and some fun too.
It's Christmas day for us here. My youngest child, who has Down Syndrome, had a good day but at the end was strangely quiet and said his heart hurt. It turned out not to be physical--he said too many people were sad. "the world is sad, is sick" he said, very earnestly trying to get his dad to understand--and, I guess, fix it all.

LiVEwiRe said...

Unfortunately I am bad at remembering and reproduction tends to strike a sour note with me for reasons not important. Mental hospitals are fine as long as they are not too hot and my restraints are chemical.