Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 Shoe Beggars

With the various beggar trends behind red lights,
there'll be new ones who'll just swear at you till the next green light.
Just through your shoes at them.


jarvenpa said...

You know, there was a really strange story in the news in the USA today, about thousands of shoes left scattered on the highway somewhere in Florida. No one could figure out where they came from.
I'm wondering if someone was getting ready for a political protest of sorts; maybe the fashion is catching on!

Hydra said...

you better hope the beggar in question is not another cowboy who's good at dodging shoes.

Anonymous said...

so you know exactly that is not true. you don't get all the information and the news.
the trow rockets on us. and in gaza there is a kidnapped slodier 4 years that didn't see sun light 4 years and no visit, fromg any organization. when his father begg from the "peace terrorist" on the boat to pass hem a letter they refused. their terrorists in our prison stdudy in the open university, eat 4 meal a day, work and earn money, get money for sigaretts extget and they get fat and fatter when they go out, get visits 3 a week. you don't have all the information.