Monday, December 01, 2008

Global Village

With American economy in crisis,
Heaven & Hell CEOs have asked God for a bail out.


jarvenpa said...

Do you think God will do it?
Here in the US people were so skeptical of the 700billion and counting $$$ because it looks like it is all going to the wealthy; to the CEOs. Meanwhile the folks who had little now have less.
But...well, we do have pretty days and sunlight. I hope your studies are going well.

Spooky Witch said...

come on those CEOs in Wall Street are leaving with huge bonuses.. poor tax-payers.. their money is going to help GM and Citigroup!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what God's answer to their plea would be

Kappa said...

God IS Heaven's CEO.

It will be pretty damn stupid of him to request himself