Friday, December 21, 2007

Not That Special, You See

I Love Ferrari.
I Love Spaghetti.
I Love You.
There are 32 different words in Eskimo Language for Love in diff occasions,
but I can easily compare Ferarri, Spaghetti & U with the same 4 letters in English.
It's a miracle.


David said...

One of my anthropology professors in college spent a few years living with the Inuit in Alaska. They have many different words to describe snow. Didn't know about their love vocabulary, however, they had some interesting customs involving sleeping arrangements when a guest was visiting. The guest of an Inuit man and wife would always get to sleep with the wife! I think that the custom usually involved more than just sharing bodily warmth. ;)

jarvenpa said...

Some languages are unspoken, too. But you are right, in English it is all too easy to put pasta and romance in the same light category. Would that it were that simple in fact.
True love, I think, is in far more than the words we use.

LiVEwiRe said...

I heard that about the eskimo language; fascinating. Now, are the 'four letters' you are referring to still 'love' os altogether different? Perhaps I just always see the dark possibilities.

Hydra said...

where are you, dr?

Dr O2 said...

I'll be back soon :-)