Saturday, March 29, 2008


My all-time favorite sci-fi phenomenon
is undoubtedly; "Human Rights".
+ What will ya do ta ppl who wanna hurt me pa?
- I'll kill 'em all.
As the next president, I swear to
reproduce human rights by eradicating those against it.
Kill to live or live to kill, that's the problem.
+ what's your favorite joke besides Politics & UN?
- Human Rights!
Conclusion: There is no death worse than drowning & burning in logical thinking.


David said...

Welcome back my doctor friend! :)

If you like the sci-fi and human rights combo, then you must love the movie "Soylent Green". The people get to eat each other!

So, I take it that you have to deal with a lot of illogical people? Well, I have know many of those myself!

Good luck and hang in there. :)

Hydra said...

human rights are only important, if they match the political interests of the ruling parties. let's not forget that the war on iraq, was not about weapons of mass destruction, but eventually about "human rights and democracy".

nice to have you back, doc

jarvenpa said...

Of course the good thing is that if you can be distressed by the contradiction, your heart is alive and your mind is thinking well.
And if those who read this say "yes, the good doc is right on" (as we aging 60's rads used to say)...well then, the world may be changing.
I think of you often, and hope all is well with you.