Thursday, November 29, 2007

Myst of Undelivered Words

The child was begging his father for a chocolate bar in the last 30 minutes.
Finally her father made his way to the news stand,
paid for the paper in his hand & asked for Cigarettes for change.


David said...

Is the child a him or a her? Well, I guess it really doesn't matter. I think a lot of times when a child begs for something it is more about needing attention than needing what they are asking for. I feel sorry for this child. The father seems to have no desire to enter her/his world. Why do so many adults forget what it was like to be a child? Perhaps this father was neglected by his own parents. Perhaps he did not receive much love, and so does not know how to give it.

The Daily Poster said...

پس کلاه قرمزی ایده ی فیلم بچه ی بی شکلات را از این جا دزدیده بود