Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Be Sweet, Do Not Sweat

You'll be rewarded if you do a good job?
That surely is a myth. Rewards go only to the ones who know the way to present their charm & empathy to the boss or just to cut the euphemism, flatter the big guy better! Flattery gets you nowhere is a total misleading sign on the road my friend. There actually is nowhere where flattery can't take you. It is more like the whole world is a big apple, we are only living to polish!


David said...

Any apple, no matter how shiny, will rot if left uneaten. What do you want from life? Is that thing so special that it is worth losing your dignity? There is nothing wrong with being polite and respectful to others. However, flattery generally involves lying.

jarvenpa said...

And what a wise, handsome, clever, wonderful person you are too (may I have some candy???)

I don't know--I don't think there is anything wrong with finding good to praise, even in those who have power over you. My dear mom used to say honey catches many more flies than vinegar.
Smart-mouthed child that I was, I used to say "but what do I want with a bunch of flies?"

Kimia said...

Sweat and be sweet that's how my boss is and he is successful.

Happy birthday :)

chitty said...

Undue flattery seems to be one of the tools people use these days to further themselves and careers. People like to hear good things about themselves whether it is deserved or not. I see it happening in my job every day. Those who get ahead are the ones who know how to ply the right people.
As for the rest of us - we believe in doing things the hard way (hard work, diligence, competence, etc), which may not always be the smart way.