Monday, May 28, 2007

Axe, Nivea, Adidas...

I doubt that the feared element
about hell is its extraordinary untolerable heat.
It must only be the excessive continious
sweat-smell of the people there, that kills.


jarvenpa said...

Ah, you are sardonically amusing, my friend. If you have a chance to wander over to my notebooks blog (I think my name links to the outside the windows main one, but then there is a link to jarvenpa's notebooks there) you can view some of my very hardy flowers, planted along asphalt. I find that little garden inspiring, and you can imagine the nice scent of roses.

David said...

I think that I must have lived in Hell in Junior High. The B.O. (body odor) from some of those kids in the locker room after gym class was so bad that I wanted to throw up sometimes! We were required to keep deoderant in our gym baskets, but it didn't help much for some of those really poor kids who never got a bath or shower at home. Arrrggggh!! I'm having a post tramautic B.O. flashback! ;)

Hydra said...

I'd rather sell my soul to devil, than see another axe commercial.

hey, you're doing some kind of an internship in a village??