Sunday, June 24, 2007

Obliged To Divulge...

Life is not as hard as some make it seem.
The main topics are very clear;

Woman wants man,
Man tries to stay bachelor,
Woman gets man,
Woman gets baby,
Man dies
& They happily live ever after.


Men are the known victims of this beyond Shakespeare tragedy called life but still they play along & get along with their unfortunate role. But why is that so? Are men nut-heads or something?

Men as the more emotional gender of the two, do try to maintain their individuality as long as possible but it comes a time in each man's life when he feels lonely. Father Loneliness is the big boss behind this unavoidable plot. When men grow tired of being with their male friends or are left with no still-single friends, they sit thinking one day in the tub or maybe one night in bed, that they need someone to be there when they come home, someone whom even with her constant naggings, they know would be there for them when they need help and more than any other reason perhaps, someone whom they can offer their masculine love to. That is when all half-wit guys decide to wear THE RING & no matter WHEN that day comes, when it comes a guy chooses one of the possible companions in range & present in his life on that special day.


Footnote 1: In order to avoid shocks, buy calenders to check if your "D-Day" is listed.

Footnote 2: Girls, if you like or most probably love a guy, make sure you'ld be there when his "D-Day" comes!

Footnote 3: There is no such thing as a wise guy as a naive girl is also a myth.


mariamusic said...

Interesting to read what you say since in my view men are not victim at all.

As a woman, I must say I enjoy a male's support, strength, protection, devotion, loyality, and ...
wothout those I do not count the guy as my guy.

I hope you find your gal Dr. O2
Having her is a lovely thing I'm sure.


Kimia said...

Girls, if you already couldn't upgrade the guy you like to his "D-day", you can never do that. It's just not you who can reminds him those needs.
I don't believe in D-day as you explained. It comes when they see someone special.

jarvenpa said...

Now, this is interesting, dear dr. Are you feeling the nearing of that day yourself?
It is also interesting that you think men are the more emotional; in my country it is supposed that women are emotional and men very logical--but in truth, I think the men are more tender, underneath all that pretending to be strong. I noted on my own blog, yes, you may copy my words as much as you like. And I am sorry about your recent loss.

dr O2 said...

mariam - Well are somewhat the true victims as their life is to be led in a very strange one-way street! :-) It is true that they act wicked sometimes but in the broad picture we are so doomed :-)

Kimia - well Kimia for guys it doesn' actually come from day to day. After the first love disappears, men only fall in love when they feel the need :-) The d-day is very true for men :-)

Jarvenpa - Well men are very weak behind their muscular stature. According to the majority of surveys men tend to enter depression after a break up or divorce while women feel liberated ;-) for me the urge and sense of the approaching D-day is right at my door, knocking ever harder!

David said...

Sorry I'm late my friend.

I suppose that choosing a companion who is in range is the way to go. Right now, the only women that I know live between hundreds and thousands of miles away. ;)

I have a few ideas for you. Try to find a woman with a really good memory for past events. After the first few years, the romance is pretty much gone, but memories can keep a relationship going. Also, try to choose a woman who can really be your best friend. Common interests, sharing, and caring are all hallmarks of friendship, and I think, all really good marriages.

D-Day is nothing to fear if you have found the right person. :)

Naj said...

this is such a cute post!
I am a woman and I totally agree with you!

Men are victims, in deed. Just look at nature and all the hoops the male species have to jump through to be "useful", if you know what I mean ;)

I really think that the history of man's violence against women is just an indication of their frustration with women's natural superiority!

Dear Dr. O, if you find a woman who doesn't want to CHANGE you, you have to put her on the book of records! I always think of eve, who tried to upgrade poor Adam from his naivite into some sophistication ... and boom what happened? the poor fellow fell from god's grace into devil's arm!

Dr O2 said...

David - U know d-day is not sth to fear from but not havin an acceptable option when it comes is!! :-S I am in my D-day and am not attracted in any of the many in my life :-(

Naj - Nice comment! :-) it is really true. I believe in it. I am in no way taking sides in this :-)

Dr O2 said...

Naj - I agree that if put in equal terms women stand taller! & I surely agree & have heard many admit that women are controling when it comes to relationships but the tale is a must do!!!

Anonymous said...

am not hear to defend women race or women's right ..
am here as a friend and i read your pessimistic and one sided point of view about the subject... you seem prejudised against poor us women :P

if a girl cheated or left u once it doesnt mean all females are bad ..

There are always good and bad found everywhere no matter man or woman .. there are women who mourn their man loss all rest of their life.