Sunday, May 20, 2007

Imagine there was no Time-Limit

The judge did not even look up at the monkey when he read his sentence. 19 months of home-work detention for the moneky in Donkeyland.
The monkey packed his stuff, leafed through the calender & found his release date, marked it and wrote in red, if I shall live to see this day, I shall comit suicide. For the monkey I will be then, is a lonely soul with no firends, no past & no future who will no longer know how to speak in Monkeyish nor Donkeyish.
The calender was closed, hopes drained & another soul gone to waste.
Setting your computer's date to two years later now might just be 2 clicks away
but knowing your life will be wasted & you must tolerate every torturing
moment of an imprisonment-like period for two years with no
improvements in your knowledge, bank account,... is way too much!


mariamusic said...

Hang in there dr O2!

Ali Sanaei said...

Nice blog.
well done, keep it on ...

Anonymous said...

maybe its a part of annealing process.
Surely you will be stronger as you get out of there,
I wish ya the best anyway

narbanoo said...

Time is an illusion …

David said...

When I have been through rough times in the past, I always tried to take pleasure in small things. Read a good book, enjoy a piece of cake, take a walk in the evening and admire the stars. There are so many little things in the world for those with eyes to see, or senses to experience. I hope you will be feeling better soon!

Hydra said...

hi doc. this was a sad post. how are you doing? i havent heard from you in ages.

Nyx said...

Sorry to hear that dr. But David has a good idea for you - try to find pleasure in "insignificant" things and nice people, and I'm sure you'll do fine.

LiVEwiRe said...

Knowing and having to go through with it anyway. Hmm, could be maddening. On the bright side (which I'm not very familiar with) humans don't know half of what they think they do. Rumor has it that there are such things as pleasant surprises.

jarvenpa said...

Yeah, bad. I wish I could just wisk you out of your situation into a good place where you would be free to follow your heart.
Or that I could give you a bit of wisdom.
Or even a good joke!
But there are many who think of you with affection and concern.

Dr O2 said...

mariam - me there :-) keeping the pride up and going :-)

mindinside - There is no way out for now. I am trying the adjustment methods for now.

narbanoo - illusions are a part of psychotic diseases :-S

david - I am one of the same kind. I amuse myself to a butterfly or heavy rainfalls & the natural beauty of the environment. I am doing just well if I stop thinking what a waste of time this period really is!!

Dr O2 said...

hydra - it is a sad situation I am tolerating by the great defensive mechanism called DENIAL :-)

nyx - a day, a month but not surely two years ;-)

livewire - if only I get my hands on those rumour-making people ;-)

jarvenpa - kind of you. Nth much to worry. I manage alright with a bit of pill-power ;-)