Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Steps-ville feat. Elevator-man

Hey dude how many times do I have to explain this?
I am not an American Indian &
my name is definitely not Your-Step-Towards-Success!


mariamusic said...

what's up? I think it's a part of many or all societies than one person pays for the other one's not-okness, or as you say becomes your-step-toward-success. Actually, I know some people who enjoy playing that role as it gives them some sort of identity.
take care,

David said...

I have always despised people who intentionally do harm to others to advance themselves!

Who said you were an American Indian? Or are you talking about how the "white man" abused Native Americans?

chitty said...

It is an unfortunate fact that if you do want to move up the corporate ladder and make a success of your career, then you will have to depend on or need the support of your colleagues and/or your bosses.
One of the ways of getting what you want is to increase your own visibility and getting yourself noticed for your abilities and what you are able to achieve. Successes and achievements speak loudly… very loudly!
One of the easier ways getting getting what you want is using others as a stepping stone.
There is however a distinct difference in regarding someone as a mentor and learning from them, and blatantly using them and their standing to gain credibility and respect. Taking credit for achievements and successes when you do not deserve them and playing political mind-games, while stepping on others to get what you want is underhanded, devious and in poor taste. It is a tactic employed by the insecure and mentally incompetent. It may work for some people, and they may fool the powers-that-be for a short while, but the truth catches up sooner or later.
I have two words for you… transparency and confrontation (in a diplomatic way).
If you allow someone to get away with stepping on you, then the wounds you have are mostly self-inflicted.
I find the best way to deal with climbers is to be direct and to call them on what they are doing. Silence signifies compliance and most climbers, when called out, will back down. They cannot afford the negative publicity and they aren’t strong enough nor do they have the necessary skills to back what they are doing.
Work is work and a completely separate issue from friendship. I’d rather have the respect of a colleague than to be popular and be his friend.

Anonymous said...

well the bad thing is I don mind lifting people & I do vulentier for helping people but the post-success destruction is intolerable!

Foulla said...

well, u sure have this enigmatic heart breaking American Indian look..;)
Hang in there,buddy!

Orhan Kahn said...

Sounds like something a prostitute would say.

Dr O2 said...

lol Orhan that was pro!

zulhai said...

I think there is an expectation that People of Colour should band together and help each other to rise in the corporate world. Many, we are strong (or at least visible). Except for women. --Not so much solidarity there. Further, American Indians are essentially a tribal people. Even if they know better, it might be hard not to think of you as a Human Being.