Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Promiscuous Life

I am gonna let you in on a secret.
After his endless efforts,
'Life' has finally managed to make me pregnant as well!
How come 'Life' never stands trial for
his continuous raping cases?


David said...

Are you planning for a C-Section or a standard delivery? ;)

Andy Worhol once said, "To know life, one must f*** death through the gall bladder!" Ironically, Andy died from complications following gall bladder surgery.

Dr O2 said...

well, I will wait for the 40 weeks to end till I decide for a C-section. However I doubt if Life would let me decide even the method I would like to deliver ;-)

& I've heard he's already on his next case! Watch out! he is on the hunt again ;-)

Nyx said...

remeber though, that life never gives you more than you can handle ;-)

LiVEwiRe said...

Wow, life is apparently even trickier than I thought!

mariamusic said...

That was Rumi who said in part,
"At times, the universe is pregnant by me,
at times I give birth to it.
The milestone in my life
is the nowhereness,
I don't fit anywhere else."

I believe you are in control of your life. don't ya?


Anonymous said...

Dr i'm sick of u amazing me each time ,each post,each comment..even more!!
what's u're secret!

Dr O2 said...

foulla - having good friends like you :-) I am overjoyed by your riveting words.

Dr O2 said...

nyx - AAhhh!! I should avait 9 more then :-S NYX!! DID U HAVE TO GIVE ME THE BAD NEWS LIKE THIS ;-)

LW - Yeah this innocent looking bastard Life ;-)

Mariam - well till the point you turn your back on it ;-)

Chackavak said...

Hi Dr O2 ... I really like your writings & enjoy reading them ... this one is so poetic & beautiful ... yes, this raping creature ... ! and the baby inside human is its burden we have to carry !

mariamusic said...

sounds like what some parents do to their children.

Dr O2 said...

Chackavak - well I for one am lookin for Life & when I see him, no one else will ever see him & his wicked activity afterwards. ;-)

Mariam - lol. Well in that scale I would say life is 100 PS (Parent Stuff)

Kimia said...

hey doc :) I thought you are in good shape with this new dating thing ;)

mariamusic said...

although I hope not, being a Parent(Parental like) does sound granted, and sometimes i wish i had the attitudes.

Stan said...

You should probably see this...


Orhan Kahn said...

I don't think life is to blame for these issues. We must never look past the Smurfs in times like these.

Em said...

Life always has surprises for you at the most unexpected moment!

Dr O2 said...

kimia - well life can sometimes hits you in a ten-minute-thriller style & the effects last for 9 months or even more ;-)
Sometimes even dates don reduce the pain.

mariam - well I like parents when I c them but I so far don wish to become one! not just yet ;-)

Orhan - I don blame life much! Guess this is the way nature knows ;-)

em - yet sometimes too many goes outta control!

Spooky Witch said...

Presumably ,we are to be blamed for the mistakes we make over and over during one life time.Trustiung the very same type of people,loving the worng persons..lists go on and on...you know the f**king loop..
I always have hard time analyzing ur smart riddle like entries over here..