Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Superfluous Confession

Ok, as hard as it is, I have decided to come clean & admit it!
Us men are puny in comparison to the opposite sex.
I mean hey, I have never even shown an aptitude for this skill!
How can all women, in groups, talk & listen to all, simultanously?
Hmmm... GOD! even my medical knowledge fails me!
I guess I need a break!

Signed by an Ex-male-chauvinist


b v n said... its not medical huh? but sure its chronic...nice observation doc

hydra said...

females tend to be more sociable. this skill was needed to stimulate social cohesion through out the evolution. You see, darwin has an explanation for everything...:)

mariamusic said...

how did your date go on dr O2? I look forward to read some good news. Did she amuse you?

Spooky Witch said...

It is a girl thing dr.O2, you just dont get is something like that we women can't do but you guys you men manage to pee standing up?

Nyx said...

"Ex-male-chauvinist", halleluja, there is hope.

David said...

Perhaps women are better at listening to multiple conversations and other forms of multi-tasking because they are not distracted by having to think about sex every 15 seconds! ;)

Orhan Kahn said...

Such lies. We rule.

mariamusic said...

you make me laugh david.
do men think about sex every 15 minutes?


mariamusic said...

oops! that was second

David said...

Hi Mariam, I enjoy making people laugh. :) I think I heard that from some comedian who made me laugh. Well, I don't know about every 15 seconds, but certainly many times a day is true!

Mindinside said...

hey .. who says men are puny in comparison to women?!

Nouch,I DON'T believe this[-(

zulhai said...

More white matter in the brain. Weren't you listening?