Sunday, November 12, 2006


I used to be this shy & reserved guy who
didn't get much attention from the girls.
But then again everyone liked & respected the shy me,
while I hated myself.

Now I am self-confident & somewhat cocky.
I do get a lot of attention from the girls.
But not many like the self-confident me
while I am extremely satisfied with myself!


David said...

Glad you are feeling confident today Omid! :) Well, from what I have seen, different women like different things in a man. Some like a shy and sensitive man, while others like an arrogant and domineering man. Personally, I think that arrogance is a serious character flaw. However, there is a big difference between confidence and arrogance. I think that a man can be the former without being the later.

Hey, check out this link about a guy called The Enigma, who once played a TV character called The Conundrum. Any resemblance in your mirror? ;)

LiVEwiRe said...

A conundrum indeed - and if you ever figure out a way to blend it all, you will be the next bazillionaire! I've been in the same place too. People always say to be true to yourself, but there are so many facets to one person that some of them are bound to not align properly, right?! You know, it's like one part of you is in direct opposition to another. Guess that's one of life's mysteries, eh?

Kimia said...

Be self-confident and satisfied but play as a shy and reserved guy if you can't, stick with your confidance on yourself. The girl who really likes you would definitely want you to be comfortable in your skin.

Anonymous said...

Is it important to you that others like you the way you do???


P.S:- Rose here.. Facing some problem logging in at my work place..

Lord Himself said...

self destructing animal

Orhan Kahn said...

Whatever makes you happy.

Alireza said...

shaye migeh: gahi zin be poshto gahi posht be zin:))
I am kidding dude! so, there is always something someone doesn't like about us!

Mehraban said...

There is a fine line between confidence and ego. As long as you are confident and not egoistic ;)

b v n said...

HA...Good one doc !

Dr O2 said...

lol David, I just got to see that! Well not a resemblance in mind but perhaps there are hidden links ;-)

Dr O2 said...

well I am somewhat worried about not caring how people think abt me as well!! This is somewhat a vicious cycle that aggrevates my problemos! ;-)

P.S: There are a few people I do care abt though.

Veronica said...

Very interesting observation. Conundrum is the perfect Word.