Saturday, July 01, 2006

Lost in Chemistry, Potions & Sildenafil

In the morning;
She is looking at the wrong side, he is looking at the wrong side.
They see nothing.

At noon;
She is looking at the right side, He is looking at the wrong side.
She sees the back of him.

In the evening;
She is looking at the wrong side, he turns towards the right side.
He sees the back of her.

At night;
She turns towards the right side, he is looking at the right side too.
They see nothing but the right stuff in each others eyes.

Next morning;
She is... he is...


David said...

These people need to have their eyes examined! Maybe relationship counciling is in order, as well! ;)

Dew Drops said...

i agree wid david. if they see the right sides only at night, they badly need a councelling.

mariamusic said...

no help! no comment.(is a comment)

Spooky Witch said...

I think they just look at the right side at nights!J/K
I agree with David too.

Behrooz said...

Either I am miles away from what you say or ...

This piece of poetic creation is all positive and there is nothing wrong with it. I wonder where the counselling etc comes from.

Kishley said...

:) that was cute.. atleast in the end they saw the right side :) nd saw the right stuff too.. its never too late u know..
i'm here for the first time n like ur blog a lot.. especially the variety and strength of ur words..

Dr O2 said...
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Dr O2 said...

david - lol. Who knows what happens the next morning? maybe...

dew drops - maybe they only needed some time to find the right side & their need towards it & the next morning ... happens!

mariamusic - :-)

spooky - :-) night-vision cameras ;-)

Behrooz - The story ends with ones openion of the next morning :-) & you are no where far at all mate :-D

Kishley - yep some people die to experience it for once! Thanks for the note dude.

Mindinside said...

You are funny:)

Dr O2 said...


Kimia said...

It is a success when they see at least something per day. I think no counselor is needed.