Monday, July 03, 2006

Shortest Long Ambivalence

- Hello
- Hell-O


David said...

Rhymes with Jell-O! :P

Dr O2 said...

deep hidden emotions :-D 5 letters and thousand meanings! Tough to ignore.

Behrooz said...


Manic Street Preacher said...

hell? oh!

wow. wowww. i went thru ur entire blog.
didn't..the last time i was here.

jac said...

I hope that it is not hell! Oh!

Cheeer up.

David said...

Deep hidden emotions? Well, I suppose it is possible, but its a far cry from saying "I Love You"!

Now, who are you hesitating to say Hello to? ;)

Dew Drops said...

Hell Ohhhhh??

SOF!A said...

in the old days people hated eacheother so much that when they saw eacheother they said "Hell!" then when they realized that the person was too close and have heard what they said, they wouldv'n said "ooo!" bedin goone shod ke HELLO varede zabane englisi shod, ba tavajjoh be inke dar ghadim kheily booye gandi midadan oroopa'eeha be khatere "lack of hygene" va in bood tashrih kardane in kalame tavasote ma :P

Dr O2 said...

behrooz - lol that was great dude!!

manic SP - tnx dude.

jac - but it is. But with insisting accent.

david - or sometimes "I have been trying to avoid you" ;-)

DD - :-D ? yep

Sof!a - quite a strong theory!!!

Spooky Witch said...

Hell-O more sounds like someone is not very happy of getting calls from you!Since you're doctor O2...I am not sure.I hope I am not right about it..
Cheer up dude!