Sunday, October 01, 2006

Victor was a loser

Have you ever been in a situation where,
a simple 'You are right' or 'I was wrong',
could lead to a happy ending?
Well, I haven't.
These three innocent words tend to backfire most often,
with the other person somewhat gaining more ground
& trying to push forward for an emphatic victory!
Advice: Unlike other products, only try the words at home & when totally alone!


David said...

I have used these words before and nothing bad happened. Sometimes it is a good thing to admit you are wrong. Were you saying this to a man or to a woman? This could be an important distinction.

My blog awaits you. :)

Em said...


Well I think that life presents in little dilemmas whenever it can...

faraari said...

you mean never?

never ever?

never ever ever ever?

well that sucks cause these words have done magic for me on several occasions.

b v n said...

OK ...'You are right' 'I was wrong'

"I dont want your obedience...i want your firm conviction...the battle will resume :)"

Dr O2 said...

david - well I used to come up with results but those memories are so distant now. Now a days it is like everyone needs a fight to prove himself/herself right!!

em - life's playing with me :-)

feraari - well I have some faded distant memories or perhaps only sweet dreams ;-)

b v n - that's exactly the point! there is always sth else to fuel the arguement! but why!?

jarvenpa said...

Well, actually, they can be very powerful words. And my partner of many many years, when we first fell in love, teased me that he knew precisely what to say to make it a long romance--"you are right" "I was wrong" and "I'm so sorry".
Of course, he kind of forgets from time to time...but I am quick to remind him.

Mindinside said...

You are right!

Orhan Kahn said...

I do not agree. And I do agree.

Make sense?

Dr O2 said...

Jarvenpa - does he feel the smae? ;-)

mindinside - :-)

orjan khan - yep! that's exactly how I fel!!

faraari said...

you fell where?

Kimia said...

I am sure you've been there but you didn't notice and simply missed the happy ending :P that's what most men do.