Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Would you rather await the bullies in your own front yard
or pay a fortune to invite them all to the notorious-neighbor's yard
down the block for dealing with the lethal affairs elsewhere?
well, alright dear! You can still hold on to your Peace-&-Liberty placard!


Hydra said...

the first option, if you have the guts.. the second one, if you have the money... and the third one, if you have none!

David said...

Its been a long time since I was bullied in a school yard. I used to hate some of those kids and even wished a few were dead! Well, about 10 years ago I heard that one of the bullies went to work at an auto assembly line. Apparently, he hated the work (I think he hated all work!). Eventually, he gained so much weight that he exceeded 400 pounds and became disabled. By now he may have died of heart failure. Well, when I first heard this I was really happy, and I felt like he had gotten what he deserved, but now, I don't really feel anything. Perhaps my wounded inner child has healed and moved on, or maybe my wounded inner adult has taken his place.

mariamusic said...

Catchy, but still science.
BTW, were you one of those who bullied or one of those who was bullied?

Dr O2 said...

well I was huge when in highschool so not many dared to bully me & yet I was always peaceful & have no memory of bullying anyone.

Yet lately I have learnt that it is the right way to keep peace at home by spending money to hold fights elsewhere! at least this is the grand scale of how things are being managed these days.

Foulla said...

"keep peace at home by spending money to hold fights elsewhere"..interesting..
reminds me of something going on right now somewhere..,...but where!!aghhh..cannot remember.
but u know what i'm talking about, don't u..mister "bully-free" since "huge when in highschool "..

Nyx said...

if we are talking about the u.s, I think foulla has a really good point here. And david has probably predicted the future, for both parties. (hopefully)

Pranay said...

The third option. Peace is my forte.

Dr O2 said...

:-) well sounds logical to me! spend money eslewhere & guard your own grounds. As the clear example of the case might be an obvious scene but with a closer look we see the plot worldwide! Middle-east battles in General.

Yeah War is Peace!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Hmmm...since I was bullied in my younger days, I thought I would answer this question, not from a political perspective, but from the perspective I had as a bullied kid.

First, I'd look at who all was bullying me & try to figure out why. If it was a perceived valid reason, I tried to makes amends.
If it was just pure bullying, I'd evaluate who seemed to be the leader & I'd try to make peace w/ that person.
If that didn't work, I had no choice but to wait until I could catch that person alone...and then I would go ballistic on them.
Or else they would always bully me.

Above & beyond that, I never bullied people as a kid, even those I didn't like.

Mindinside said...

Imagine even if it's hard to imagine
A world of happiness; far away from cruelty
Where there's no meaning to hatred and envy
Where jails and prisons are just a fiction story
A world with the children of Adam & Eve living in peace and free
Imagine the world as a whole
no lines separating a country
A world in bond and without border
A world without war; with no traces of bloodshed

jarvenpa said...

Yes, I'd love to live in mindinside's world of peace, & can imagine it very well.
My child (well, young man) with Down Syndrome once told me "bullies very sad"
Then he spoiled the "aw" effect by laughing and rubbing his hands with glee.
If we invited everyone to a big party and served enough nice food and played fun games--do you suppose we'd distract everyone from the need to bully?