Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Safe Sex Syndicate

"... this has become a two-horse race, John!
The Persian mule & the American elephant are in the lead!"
"& No sign of the chasing pack!
They are just one corner short of the finish line!
Who do you think will win this prestigious title, Bob?"
"This will be a close one!
Here they come folks!
Shockingly rapid comes the Vatican amorphe from behind
& yes he's close, he passes them, & now,... JESUS CHRIST!!
He's done it! he has crossed the finish-line "
"Or perhaps Crossed the finish-line! Huh!
can you say this 5 times fast, Bob?
'Crossed the cross, crossed with a cross'!"
'Chuckles' "Thanks John!
He's come out clean, way ahead of the leading duo!
The Now Vaticanian is our surprise winner of the season!!"
"& with an amazing pace & in style as well,
setting a new world record!
"The F-WORD John!! Does your mom know!? 'a forced hahaha'
We'll have a special interview right after the commercials..."

'Stupid music tone plays as the commercials kick the air'
"Give anyone species too much rope & they'll f*ck it up folks!
Now our ropes come with a free pack of WHO approved
condoms for you & your child's safety, & tha'ts no 'safe tea'!" 'lame laughters'
"'Safe Sex Syndicate Ropes'
Disclaimer: Pay attention to the SSS hologram upon purchase."



Hydra said...

Things are gonna get interesting in the next 3 to 4 years. The Vatican would like to use the anti-Islamic sentiments to score points, to make itself relevant once more. But it's not gonna be easy. With these kind of idiots in power (Christian or Muslim) the world will not see a day of peace.

Dr O2 said...

Clinton ---> Bush
Khatami ---> Ahmadinejad
Jean Paul ---> X?

The world is surely not moving in the right direction!!

Orhan Kahn said...

I'd like to thank my sponsor God for living in Sydney, Australia.

Cheers mate.

David said...

I heard about Ahmadinejad being depicted as a donkey with a halo in the Shargh newspaper. Btw, I was sad to hear of the newspaper being shut down! I guess you are talking about the Pope's "scholarly" discussion of Islam too. I just don't get the reaction of a lot of Muslims to things like cartoons and historical discussion of the religion. Why are so many people moved to violence if they feel the slightest insult to their religious beliefs? I suppose that the same thing was going on back in the days of the Catholic Inquisition 500 years ago. There should have been an 11th commandment saying "Thou shalt have respect for thy fellow human beings and not slay them for thinking and believing differently from thyself".

Dr O2 said...

Well after the prophets, not much was left of the original religions!

I am in no way religious but the previous pope had an acceptable & mature image which I somewhat approved!

The world's leaders are forming a bad shape these days & this does not seem good at all!

jarvenpa said...

Oh dear, I do agree with hydra...I find myself gasping at the stupid and inflammatory things being said by supposedly wise men. (and..come to think of it, all of them have been...guys, haven't they?? Well, maybe the moms need to take over.)

Dr O2 said...

jarvenpa - I ain't got the slightest objection ;-)