Friday, September 15, 2006

The F-word Manual

To insult someone greatly when you are totally pissed off,
use the F-word + you.

Caution: Do not apply the rule in cases where
your intended insult might act as a reward & the reply
might come as WHEN!


b v n said...

once it backfired for me too...the other guy said "THEN CMOOON" :))

Dr O2 said...

the world is not a safe place anymore! even the safest phrases now seem to be shakey ;-)

My friend had an incident with a 60 sth y/o lady.

Hydra said...

It's a strange phrase. It's not even a complete sentence. I'm wondering what it literally means. I mean the verb is quite clear, but what are the sucbject and object?

David said...

I was never a big user of the F-bomb, but I can remember a time when the big teenage insult was "Kiss my A**". Well, occasionally a girl would say that to a boy (I imagine that Iranian girls would never have said that!) and the boy would respond with "Bare it and I will!" ;)

LiVEwiRe said...

How true - you might get a 'when', 'where', and even a 'how'! ;)

Orhan Kahn said...
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Orhan Kahn said...

Randy: Leave Mr Lahey out of this Mr F**king Dick!

Ricky: Oh. Mr Drunk Guy back at his trailer, probably loaded and passed out? Yeah I’ll leave him alone.

Randy: I’m gonna take my pants off and kick your ass like I’ve wanted to since you’ve gotten out of jail. You mention one more thing about Mr Lahey and that’s gonna happen bud.

Ricky: One more?

Randy: Yeah.

Ricky: He’s a drunk, crazy f**king lunatic. I hate him. F**k him! And f**k you!

Kimia said...

In that case, You better back off quickly :))

starry nights said...

I think this word is used so frequently that it has lost its real meaning.I wonder who started this.Every other word in some peoples vocab contain this phrase.

mariamusic said...

As they say Dr. O2," Taarof oomad nayoomad dareh."

Beerspitnight said...

"You" is the subject.
"Fuck" in this case, is a performative verb, thats when the verb performs the action itself.
Thus "Fuck You!" is complete sentence.
Much like "I quit!" is a complete sentence.
Therefore combining "Fuck you, I quit!" makes each phrase an independent clause.