Monday, August 14, 2006

In search for 'The Three'

I had been told 'The one' was out there
But recently I have come to suspect;
She has either been kidnapped by Al Qaeda,
Frozen to death due to the long wait outside,
Eaten by the hungry wolf not able to eat the three little piglets
or while waiting outside, she met 'The Two'.

Ah I always hated math, that's why I studied medicine.


Em said...


Yes she is but I dunt tink she was kidnapped by Al Qaeda

Tell you what I will help you find her ok......

David said...

Let me help you with your math my friend. If 70% of your friends are women, I think you have a good chance to find "The One". In fact, you may already know her. I think there is nothing more important in a mate than a strong bond of friendship. Think about it. Also, if the girls are really your friends, they may be willing to stand in as a sister for you. Maybe they will lead you to The One.

Please check out my new post. In a way, as you will see, it is inspired by you. :)

Dr O2 said...

well if there is only one person in your life then your decisions are way much easier! when you know too many, choosing becomes truly tough & comparisons become challenging. Fear of later regrets also come to haunt you :-S

Suraya said...


If God wills it to be, it will be.

Mindinside said...


David said...

Ok, I have a different idea. Wear your football shorts on your head and see which of your girl friends laugh. Maybe that will help you narrow the field. ;) Or, perhaps they will gasp in amazement instead, I know you have very big feet!

SOF!A said...

i told her that there's no ONE for her and she decided to go and molhagh ;) to al qaeda and davtalab shod for suicide attackes :P

Kimia said...

I think she is not between your friends; if she was, you would know that.

Dew Drops said...

"the one" is the whole confusion ;(((((((( geeeeeeeeeee, and my life is already getting to 1/4 of a century ;((((((

Dr O2 said...

Suraya - :-S & what if not :-(

mindinside - :">

david - :-) that is a way to cut down the contenders!!

Sof!a - tnx buddy! here goes my best chance! ;-)

Kimia - Ah damn it! I knew she'ld get lost with me moving around too much ;-)

DD - well me already passed the mark ;-)

Queen Ant said...

There are many "the one"s
Put them all in a building and give each one a window. You can climb into any of the windows. The only thing that changes here is time. At one point window #34 is the one, but you might have just scurried into window #15. Eventually, you might crawl into window #34 but she is no longer the one at this point, #72 is.

LiVEwiRe said...

I'm so sorry, but you made me laugh! Not at the concept (I could use this to explain my situation as well...) but at the way you put it. Highly interesting view! As always, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! ;)

Orhan Kahn said...

I lol'd.

Dr O2 said...

queen ant - well I am currently on THE THREE ;-)

LW - hope so! have my fingers crossed.

Orhan Kahn - :-)