Saturday, August 12, 2006

CellFishLess Alexithymic

I am a quality self confident guy
who is sometimes branded cocky & over confident.
Consider myself sociable & an easy friend-maker.
Got me the standard selfishness in life
but when it comes to keeping the girls I like I lose the selfishness.
It is truly silly yet hopeless. If the person is quality
I feel not deserving & somehwat seize the approach
& if she is below par then after a time I lose interest!
I think I am doomed to an eternal celibacy!

God, Virgin Mary & now Dr O2.


Suraya said...


You will find that special someone...look harder, she will be the one watching you from a far and you not realizing it!

Have a watchful eye for she is out there, looking at you, you just need to look at her** and pick her up!


**This is in no way related to me! lol. I'm happily married thank you!


May the force be with you!

David said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure how to comment here, but of course I will try. ;) How do you define quality in a woman? Is it good looks? intelligence? good family? I guess I am asking what are you looking for in a woman? If you can answer yourself that question, you may find it a lot easier to meet someone you can feel compatible with.

Dr O2 said...

Suraya - well THE ONE seems to have missed her bus towards earth!!

David - AHhhhhh, I donknow really! basically I got all these criterias; like educated, kind, not bad-looking, english & fench speaking, preferably tall....... but with two of acceptable choice, my eyes trick my brain into a current sexy & super attractive air head girl with childish acts!! :-D & with like 20-25 girls of various qualities I can easily approach I can't convince this stupid eye-bound brain to be logical for a change! Being a man is blocking my being a human & rational guy!! I need help!! & I have breaken up with my GF co I thought she deserves better than me (which I don think exists ;-) lol) while all my friends say I underestimated myself & overestimated her!! No marriage in sight at least! don know if that is good nuz or bad nuz though! :-S

Dew Drops said...

i thought its only girls who feel that way. u got company, if not a mate ;)))))

The Rendezvous said...

I think patience pays..

I have patience like you don't worry..We are many

Rose said...

Hail Dr.02,
Full of Craze,
The Lord is with thee. (and so are we)
Blessed art thou without women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy mind, words.
Celib Dr.02,
Comrade of God,
pray for us whiners now,
and at the hour of act.

Mindinside said...

hey ..
Don't worry too much
Don't chase them
Sit still
Let the butterfly come & sit on ur shoulder.

starry nights said...

Dr..there is someone special out there that you are going to be very selfish and want her only for yourself.So for now it is OK to let go of the ones below par and you will know when the right one comes along.And remember good looks are important for a guy but not the most important quality. look deep inside and see that she has the qualities that will remain even when you are old and the beauty that she had when she was young no longer remains.

alex said...

The time has not come. When the time comes you would be surprised at its speed. Enjoy the joy in waiting, which increases the value of the what you wait for.

David said...

Wow, you are certainly looking for a lot of things in a woman! I hope you are willing to be flexible on some of your criteria.

Here is another thought. From my experience, a lot of lasting relationships were first connected through networks of family and friends. For example, if you have any sisters (that you get along with well - my sister and I were never close), they could be a very valuable resource. Talk to your sisters about what you hope to find in a woman. They know lots of women. Maybe they have a good friend that could be a good match for you.
Anyway, don't give up. Just from reading comments here, it is obvious that some women think highly of you. :)

Em said...


I reckon that she will find the way.. to you....

Dun know wen but she is out der..

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

Eternal celibacy... ouch! I'd rather throw myself of cliff.
Relationships are all about time, paying attention and compromise. Focus on what you have in common or like, rather than what makes you different.
Oh and, self-confidence (even cockiness) is good... what woman wants to waste her energy on a squeemish and insecure whimp?

Dr O2 said...

DD - thanks for the statement

the rendezvous - patience is the only option left ;-)

rose - bet not many feel how lonely god feels sometimes ;-)

mindinside - ain't got much of a choice :-) out of energy.

starry nights - maybe the one has missed her way into my arms ;-) & as far as looks are concerened I am a hit :-D (my monkey pic is all bright! ;-)) See no weaknesses in me in anyway but feel i won't make a good husb...

alex - well god has an unlimited lifeline. Me with just years to spare ;-)

Dr O2 said...

david - yep those are jus criterias not demandments ;-) I am ready to give up on somma them for sure.

Yet as I ain't gotta sister, I am lucky with a rich female entourage. In fact 70% of my friends are females! & I get along well with all of them! I have given relationships a try & some were ok but don know what get's into me after a time!

Maybe I seek too much, maybe I don' have enough love for myself or an Ego hole of unknown origin!!!

I think I will keep up with the no commitment friendships for now. Perhaps time will help?

em - maybe she's spent too long out there & has frozen too death? or perhaps the wolves ate her??

Chitty - well Celibacy has it's bright points as long as no-commitment-bound contacts are kept ;-)

Kimia said...

Dear Doc, you need to add something into the list of qualities of your partner. She must be someone who admires you and truely see your qualities. If she does, you feel even more confident with her than without her. I am pretty sure your ex-gf wasn't good at this at all.
Anyway, I hear you.

Dr O2 said...

kimia - well yep. I have to capitalize on that as well but I must confess the harder love is gained the more interesting it seems. However I know this is crazy coz the ones who show their feelings are more reliable than the ones who sail beneath tons of plans.

Rose said...