Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sensory-Moral Hearing Loss

Her: "Doctor I need hearing aid asap!"
Me: "What is wrong ma'am? Since when have you noticed a hearing loss?"
Her: "Since last night!"
Me: "Oh your husband called you and ..."
Her: "NOOOOE!!! I couldn't hear the couple next door clearly at all!"
Not Me!!:
It was at this very point that me, my medical books, the hospital staff & I've heard even God, all suddenly feeling frail, flimsy, incapacitated, enervated, feeble... or perhaps too minimal to react, filed in for hearing aids!! ---
Types Of Hearing Loss footnote:
There are three major types of hearing loss: neural/sensorineural, conductive, or a combination of both. Treatment depends upon the type of hearing loss that is present.

1. Sensorineural: Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by damage/malfunction of the inner ear (cochlea, eighth cranial nerve) or auditory brainstem. This can be divided further into a sensory hearing loss (inner ear) or a neural hearing loss (brainstem).
2. Conductive: Conductive hearing loss is caused by damage/malfunction of the middle or outer ear system (external ear canal, ear drum, or structures in the middle ear space including the malleus, incus and stapes bones).
3. Combination: Mixed hearing loss is caused by both conductive and sensorineural causes.


Behrooz said...

So you discovered a new type of hearing loss! What about sensory-overhearing Loss?

Rose said...

Prescription from Dr.Rose :-

"Mind your own business. Concentrate on ur husband"


Suraya said...

Hmmm, nice one...

In Malay, we'd call it, Keypoh (nosey)!

I haven't heard that one before, maybe I'm deaf too.


Johnny said...

I have heard that that my neighbours are buying binoculars. Visual defect?
Liked the humor!

David said...

This woman is an auditory voyeur!!

There may be another kind of hearing loss. Have you heard of hysterical blindness (a psychological blindness caused by seeing something emotionally traumatic)? Well, I think that hysterical deafness is also possible.

Maybe this woman heard something that excited her so much that it overloaded her brain! :)

mariamusic said...

Is that called fozouly?

jarvenpa said...

Of course, if we could manage to hear each other truly, and with delight--that would be truly nice.

Nyx said...

a couple of weeks ago, swedish papers told a story about the ability to hear different frequencies and how this ability deteriorates with age. They provided a sampel (a sound file) and we tried it at work. To my surprise, I wasn't able to hear anything but a "background buzz", while my 22-year old colleague claimed to hear a distinct tone... Guess I'm old, after all :-|

Dr O2 said...

behrooz - yeah I wanna name it after me ;-) well sensory overhearing loss has only been reported in men only ;-)

rose - Rose I'll be glad to be workin alongside you :-D Geniune advice!!

Suraya - names change but this is becoming pandemic! Well do U also wanna file for hearing aid like us??

Johnny - Beware, nightvision will be on their list next ;-)

david - hysterical everything exists but these types mentioned are true hearing loss conditions.

Mariamusic - :-D no this is called HAMDARDI by some ;-)

jarvenpa - this wish even genies fail to fullfil :-S

nyx - we got senile high tone hearing loss but still no big deal! Hearing aids have advanced efficiently!

Em said...


Maybe you should lend her that gadget thingy in the pic...

Mindinside said...

OO that makes one wish to spend a holiday on a deserted island with none around to get some peace

David said...

I think I suffer from hysterical laziness. There is no reason for it, it is all in my mind! ;)

mariamusic said...

hello dr O2,
Do you mean empathy? are you kidding me?

Dr O2 said...

mindinside - well these islands are already taken by the run-aways or used as exile for people with Sensory-moral hearing loss ;-)

david - we all have that in us ;-)

mariamusic - yep :-) INO UNA MIGAN ;-)

Dew Drops said...

does it hav a cure? i hav that pblm too ;)

Hydra said...

Thanks for the info, I missed hearing loss, as a (psychiatric) conversion symptom in your list. But it's not a somatic pathology, anyway.

Dr O2 said...

dew drops - don know of this moment but I will apply hearin aids just in case ;-)

Hydra - nth big to worry abt then! these structural damages are the worst.

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

if 1, 2 an 3 were ruled out...then consider conversion disorder ;)