Saturday, July 08, 2006

Delerium, hallucination & whiskey

Tears have blurred my vision
This book has had me fooled.
I am way into delirium.
Daytime sedation & nocturnal agitation haunt me.
I hear words & illusions never leave me.

A guy in his unifrom whispers in my ear;
"Abe was not a fool but fought for a useless cause.
For as long as this planet dances, there will always be a South.
He only managed to change the Entry-words in dictionaries
they printed, while the definitions are still untouched."

"What's your collars color?" someone in the distance shouts.

Another bottle of whiskey perhaps will enlighten me.
I have to get rid of this visual-auditory hallucination
before it's too late...


Mindinside said...

Unhappy, sad feelings knock our doors once a while.
We all need to learn not to open the door .. not let them in.

No good Whisky brings ya .. be brave and fight it off

starry nights said...

Whisky is only a temporary fix.

David said...

Should I be worried about you Doctor? Do I need to call 911? ;)

The quote "there will always be a South" is interesting. There are a lot of places in the world where people are being oppressed, maybe some are as bad as slavery was in the Old South of the U.S.!

What is your favorite poison? I used to drink Jack Daniels now and again when I was a boy who thought he was a man. :)

Behrooz said...

The Animal Farm, eah?

Foulla said...

i actualy like it when u hallucinate;)

juliana said...

Are you reading "Animal Farm" like behrooz asked? If so, then it is a very good book.

There will always be a South. And words but not definitions will be changed. But as long as this world is "dancing" there will always be that struggle for equality. But I don't think we can ever EVER obtain it.

Rose said...

Ooops!! I think this delirium is contagious..



Dr O2 said...

mindinside - I am stron on my affairs but you can't trust freedom when it is not in your hands :-)

starry nights - anything to heal for a second :-(

david - nah. I have sessions but transient they are! I am not much of a drinker & my fave is Red Wine anyways ;-)

behrooz - that book is on eof my all time faves but this is about the hidden slavery.

foulla - "garcon serve me another hallucination!" ;-) (nice to C yr presence again)

juliana - yeah. Perhaps the world needs all this!

rose - yep :-( I don know who passed it to me :-( wear masks ;-)

Neers said...

the pain itself is the poison... and then there comes a point in the pain... that it becomes numb, unfeeling... thats the point you turn... where? how? all would be personality dependent!

great write, "psycho"!! have fun with pain... but do not loose perspective...bless you!

Foulla said...

tes repliques m'etonneront toujours!!

mariamusic said...

Hello dr O2,
What sort of whiskey do you find? do they check for your id?

Dr O2 said...

neers - tnx ;-)

foulla - merci bcp mon amie

mariamusic - nope. it is all on the table ;-) I am not much of a drinker at all in reality.

David said...

I almost never drink any more. When I was young, I got sick every time I became drunk. So, I sort of have a conditioned responce to avoid alcohol! Glad you don't need the 911! :) Btw, is there 911 in Iran?

Dew Drops said...

and what is ur collar color???

Dr O2 said...

david - :-) I have evidently never passed the limit and only got half drunk once :-D I mostly drink in ceremonies.

Yeah we got those numbers but not like 911 in US which responds to all calls but diff ones. For example Police is 110...

Dew Drops - well thanks god doctors are not into office work :-D but we are still white-collar I guess!!

Johnny said...

Hope you don't go in for stupor!

Dr O2 said...

:-) measuring Glascow Coma scales?? ;-)

Dew Drops said...

or is it red collar?

Dr O2 said...

Dew Drops - HEEEYYYY!! I got the point!!! :-P We are the Greenest perhaps ;-) Green Collar or Golden-Heart Collar perhaps will fit :-D