Thursday, June 22, 2006

Exactly 25 years since the flaw

We are born when fathers' financial miscalculations
lead to lowered preventive measures late one month.
25 years later looking at my image in the mirror
I sign a contract with a promise to myself to cut this vicious cycle.
I'll start my own piggy bank today in order to save humanity!
Save the world, make it a better place for us & the undelivered babies...

History is there to teach us what not to do!
Act now before it's too late.
Just a birthday note. Nothing serious ;-)


Hydra said...

well, happy b-day!!! don't judge your existence; it's all you got, it's all you are....

David said...

Have you ever wondered why the females of all other primates species are only fertile once a year, but female human primates are twelve times faster? Well, at least it has occurred to me. It is an interesting mystery!

I strongly believe that to save the world, there must be less human primates in it! If only we were like all the other primates.

Now, on to lighter thoughts. Happy Birthday!! :) What sort of cake did you have? Cake is always the best part of birthdays for me! ;)

Dew Drops said...

how abt practicing an ascetic life? u can donate the piggy bank amt to the near by orphanage ..

Happy B'day. me flying down to get ur treat (and give b'day bumos too)

jarvenpa said...

Happy birthday! It's always an introspective moment for me as well--but you know, I don't think we come into this world as accidents, even when our parents may not have been anticipating us quite so early.

Rose said...

Hmmm.. So u already planning for the li'l hallucinating, psychic Dr.02s..



Behrooz said...

To say happy birth day to you is serious enough, I think.

Frank said...

Happy Birthday:)
BTW,Why did you ignore my last comment!?

starry nights said...

Happy birthday to you. I think its ok to have a couple humans like u.

mariamusic said...

Hey Dr O2,
So, how old (or young should I say)
are you?

P.S. Happy Birthday!

Kimia said...

Happy silver birthday :)

Mindinside said...

here smiling at you happy & blue

Em said...


I think Im a little too late but what the heck..Happy Birthday Omid.