Sunday, June 25, 2006

#100 - Sending light signals for the alien

100 ideas lighter,
Feel a century more mature with the people I've come to know.

I haven't learnt how to build a shuttle perhaps,
Yet it's a joyful experience to be launching a blog into space!
Twilight is fading through, seems like I'm fading too.
Have you ever bumped into the same insane sense?


Behrooz said...

To be honest, to me blogging is more of a passivity than an activity. If I could do better, I wouldn't blog, that is.But I know those who feel otherwise.

mariamusic said...

I agree with what behrooz says although blogging helped me meet other people. I just don't like it as I feel like most people use it to steel stuff, to take advantage, to betray and so on and so forth.

David said...

Is this really your 100th post? Congratulations! I think I have written about 25 (working on 26 :) ).

I once met the machinist who hand fabricated the giant screws that are used to level the shuttle before launch. I even saw one of the screws in production in his shop. It probably takes about 100,000 people to build a shuttle, so I hope you are not very disappointed in yourself! ;) My blog is prepping for launch into space too. Just wait and see! :D

Dr O2 said...

behrooz - Count me in ;-)

mariamusic - well I am a sociable person & have a wide variety of friends but still I have found a thinking group in bloggers. I have been fortunate.

david - yeah. It took me by surprise as well!

Awaiting the final count down ;-)

Mindinside said...

This is a mysterious world here in blog world. So many people .. so many ideas .. I like it!

Dr o2,
Wot is love to you?
Makes you scared?
Why is it hard for you saying to your loved one the 'I love you'?

Dr O2 said...

Love to me is like a life-saving medicine we must take,as bitter as it might be, in order to survive.

it is not fearin to speak the words but the sanction I have imposed on words. If my actions are not strong enough to show my passion, then there is no true tendency.

tanvi said...
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tanvi said...

Hey I love ur blog and the profile makes me feel I am not the only crazy one ;). I got hooked to blogging by chance wanting to comment on a friend's blog that did not allow anonymous comments and now I am lovin it. It enables u to interact with so many pple and dicuss so many issues its simply amazing. I was to lazy to write b4 being bitten by the blogging bug. I love this cos it gives me my space.

BTW 100 posts man u make me feel younger:P

Anonymous said...

Just lean back and drink your martini.
Or perhaps when u r drinking martini u can't lean back;)

mariamusic said...

I find it funny when people tell they are sociable,but then I suppose you know better about yourself than I do. I'm glad you're enjoying your fortune.

Mindinside said...

A nice description of love:)

I'm doing a psychology research on cancerian and you are my target, if you don't mind?

Dr O2 said...

tanvi - we all get involved without noticing the risks ;-) tnx for the visit.

C - well I will try and see ;-)

Mariamusic - well i am refering to what's bothering my friends! They often convict me of being too sociable!! (n ignorantly self-confident ;-)) but the truth is, I have my ups and downs!

Mindincide - Target of a sniper, precision guided missile?? ;-) No problemo.

Mindinside said...

LOL ..
No missile, No bullet ..

just a magnifying glass:)

"If my actions are not strong enough to show my passion, then there is no true tendency" << that is a fact i agree with but:

What about your love thats waiting to hear some indicating words a sign of affection?

mariamusic said...

How could that bother your friends Dr O2?
I do not have friends, so i do not know what they would think of me.

jarvenpa said...

I think of these blogs as points of light.
Or possibly, yes, bits of paper stuck in bottles and tossed out into the sea.
100 posts, dear dr.??! May there be many hundred more for us to read and muse over.

Dew Drops said...

so finally Dr O2 is 100 post old ....time for celebration..

man, i gotta tell u, each one of ur posts makes me open my mouth wide in awe. still clueless as to how u say so much with so less words..

(but sometimes, u leave me confused as to what exactly u meant. in such cases i wait for someone to comment & guess the meaning .. LoL)

Dr O2 said...

mindinside - pheww. A relief to know abt the bullets but ya ain't trying to burn me like ants with that magnifying glass under the sun, are ya?? ;-)

Well I am not good with words. Or better I am nausiated by the routine fake words I hear around me. As a boy I know what's going around in the masculine world so the words they turn to say seems so fake (90%) and it works as well I won't deny!!

I don't talk much & when I do it is a short serious sentence or a long trail of joking sentences!

I do know the importance of words but my BROOKA & Vernike (two brain sections responsible for talking) do not cooporate ;-)

But so far the anterior spinal afferent nerves (responsible for movements) have watched my back.

Dr O2 said...

mariamusic - well I feel it as well. You know in a group everyone has to feel easy but too much selfconfidence burns the ambiance ;-) It is usually my overjoking of situations which they interpret as selfconfidence though :-D I will ask them to comment on this one I guess :-) But it is more of them picking on me for fun ;-)

Jarvenpa - thanks. 100 I never thought would come! Wasn' plannin it in the first place.

Don' wanna scare ya all but there are 5 more I have written already & saved for final touches & later release... ;-)

The posts will be somewhat more informative.

Dew Drops - tnx. Although in real life I am frank about my openions I am so preserved when it comes to me and my life. Somewhat vague or tangential abt what I wanna describe abt me or my feelings on me!

I agree that some are vague and my intentions are not clear enough for a reader not knowing the motivations but that's my ego style I can't do nothing abt :-D

I will sometimes describe things in footnote perhaps or hint some points...

Inder said...

congratulations on the 100th post *clap clap*

twilight fades down to initiate another first light. a tamil poet said:

sunsets are not permanent.
the one sowed in the west
will spring up in the east.

happy blogging!!!

Spooky Witch said...

Blogging sounded like a free therapy sessions to me,it is better than talking to a mirror and I found it entertaining.
Good job Doc and congrats with the 100th post..

Mindinside said...

So so ....:)
Nature takes the rule as usual

Cold Coffee said...

wow.. what a post!

Dr O2 said...

Inder - yep that is the right verse :-) tnx dude.

Spooky - tnx :-) awaiting your 100th already ;-)

mindinside - yep nature steals the show!

cold coffee - tnx.