Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Don't Be Shy Honey, Shake Hands...

The preplexed monkey surfed through his brain;
Politics with its complexities even at it’s highest levels resembles childhood games. Actions tend to differ due to unreasonable logic. The perfect instance is the famous/notorious Iranian-American relationship. Two countries of major importance for their political & geographical status are in long-term dispute while it is obvious to both parties that developing a direct connection and by-passing the third party countries, is to their benefit if not the only solution left. But there exist some obstacles.

Ever since the monarchy of America-dependent Shah was overthrown in Iran in 1979 & the American embassy hostage taking saga occurred, both countries have been throwing a vast variety of accusations at each other just like two kindergarteners swearing and cursing each other after an argument. But this little argument has not stopped for 27 years now & strangely enough has an augmented idiopathic intensity comparing to the original nucleus. However in this world of ours that every second counts, it takes a fool not to recognise that the core problem has long been forgotten and both countries have since then evolved. Therefore it is crystal clear that new measures are to be taken accordingly.

When Americans imposed sanctions on Iran & then fueled Iraqi tanks for an invasion to the country, they had high hopes which never blossomed. The force was to break the resistance but they didn’t know that their counterparts were as stubborn as they were. Iran went under 8 years of destructive war but was still determined not to talk to the child down the block. Instead Iran, with its huge Oil reserves and second largest natural gas reserves, turned towards Europeans & this new player eagerly decided to play along & took advantage of the situation. America lost a big energy supply, the strategically important region & a possible ally, while Iran lost a powerful ally and went under economical damage due to purchasing the essentials from third parties for an over-extra price.

Now both countries see the need to establish a link but their massive challenge remains to be facing their own nations & convincing them that the monster they’ve created over the last 27 years was fake or better yet, is now tamed. Like children who have lied to their parents about this super nasty kid in their school but now want to make friends again. The ironic part is that they still publicly denounce each other with Axis-Of-Evil replacing Iran’s name in memories in McDonald land and cries of “down with U.S.A” being heard every Friday in the land of the newest Yellow-cake-club member.

There is a skeptical theme to the relation at the presence due to the fact that they have both diverted their fondness towards each other in the form of anger since they are both too shy to step forward and yet expect the other to show a sign first. The strong sense of pride in both countries is among other factors exacerbating the condition. It can also be related to a mental defensive mechanism of ours called “Projection” where an individual blames others for his own fault and makes himself to believe it’s real.

Can the men in Limousines find the secret connection-code? Can they rescue the situation and establish a link? Or will anger, temper & the child in them get the better of the situation? We’ll have to wait and see on the next exciting episode of Want-to-be-F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (With no Jennifer Anniston)

The monkey amazed by the number of words he had vomitted, feeling 30 kg or so lighter, regurgitated what was left in his mind and went to his bedroom to watch Garfield dance.


Behrooz said...

Thumps up! After writing a Time style article the Monkey has every right to do so.
Wonderful wrapping up of the whole story.

Spooky Witch said...

Iran helping Americans to capture Al Qaeda members…USA wants some Iran's help in easing the situation in Iraq. There are signs of collaboration between two countries. But direct talk won't be possible right after our leaders announcing some country should be wiped out of the map or whatever. While our side should be careful in picking its words the other side shows more enthusiasm in making more progress due to the closer ties. There is still a long way to reaching the point that we can name this love-hate relationship a diplomatic relationship or a friendly one.
I don’t think USA worries much about its energy supplies while it has its strategic oil reserves and also took the control of Iraq and having Saudi Arabia at its side leaves no place for them to be concerned about.
While we are mentioned as part of axis of evil, there is axis of neo-cons ruling over the US administration.
Lol, Garfield was son fun! Specially dancing to Black eyed peas song!lol..it was so cute…I liked this quote of it "I'm in new dog state of mind!"
Ps:I would like to add that this entry of Dr.O2 should be published in one prestigious news magazine or so such as New York Times or New Yorker!

Dew Drops said...

"Don't Be Shy Honey, Slap Him"

mariamusic said...

Interesting read Dr O2. Probably I'm pessimistic, I doubt they shake hands though, unless they change. Remember when the Iran-Iraq war stopped, some one drank the shokaraan, or was it something else? mariamusic.

Hydra said...

Nice one, doc. I also want to emphasis the role of fundamentalists in both camps, who through out the years have found benefit in escalating the relationship with the other party. That's the biggest problem of the two nations. Meanwhile, I've written a relevant post. Make sure you check it out.


David said...

Wow, I am amazed by your 30 kg post! :) Yesterday, I heard that The U.S. and Vietnam are in close talks regarding some sort of new defense pact. It seems that these two old enemies are on the road to becoming close friends. I hope the same will be true for Iran and the U.S. someday.

Dr O2 said...

Behrooz - Tnx mate. Sometimes I get carried away :-) this was my longest post ever!!!

Spooky - No matter what both govenments scream outside, there is the desire burning in their hearts or else they must be mad. There is everything to gain if the connection is established among the countries.

Tnx for the big compliment for sth so little as well.

Hydra - The situation is complicated but signs of common understanding emerging. The tide is turning.

Dr O2 said...

Dew drops - sure thing :-)

David - well it amazed me too when I saw the outcome load!! I had never written so much. Trying to describe ideas. I am more for minimals n I summarize ideas in 5-6 sentences. A sudden rush of blood I guess!! ;-)

Albright's yesterday quote about Not Winning The War In Iraq might lead to discussions to commence. It is stupid for two countries to act so childish over something so distant!!