Monday, May 22, 2006

Warm Beers & Tears

You are XX and I am XY.
Your chatterbox 'X's are blind
My mascular 'X' & 'Y' are deaf & mute.
You are still looking as I am talking.

From: Talks-with-actions of the XY tribe
To: Cares-for-words of the XX tribe


Dr O2 said...

Why do women care more for words while men care more for actions!??

Anonymous said...

why not?

David said...

There is an old song with the lyric, "Looking for love in all the wrong places". Here is a fun karaoke site where you can listen to the melody and read all the lyrics (or sing along if you want to!). :) Maybe the song will give you some ideas. ;)

Behrooz said...

Do they care or do we?

David said...

Now, regarding your comment above, I'm not sure that you can generalize male and female behavior in such simple terms. However, as a long time observer of human behavior, I do believe that what people do is far more important than what they say (remember the old saying, "sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me"). Nevertheless, I think that it is important that a person's words and deeds should correspond. If they don't, such a person is a hypocrite, and I do not suffer hypocrites lightly!

Dr O2 said...

foulla - it is tough

david - lol. pretty nice!!

Behrooz - Don we?

David - actions are more important to u coz ya are a man ;-) women prefer the words I LOVE YOU rather than a bouquet of flower!!

Spooky Witch said...

What kind of actions Dr.O2?yea,you need hell of the words to take a girl into bed,but with one gesture the guy is sitting naked in bed...hahaha..just wanted to be bit witty but turned into being dirty..

Dr O2 said...

spooky witch - lol, not in that sense. But like a girl doesn take things seriously unless you go & say the reason in words as well ;-) but a guy takes a simple gift more into account than a million words.

Kimia said...

Well, If he looks at her eyes and says "I love you", There will be no doubt about it.
Everybody knows: "marde o harfesh"
(yet ancient men ;) )

Meanwhile, saying and repeating some sentences make them to become real(true) if they are not quite true. You will believe it yourself when you repeat 10 times :)

mariamusic said...

Hi Dr. O2,

Probably I'm not following the discussion; however, I like it that I am different from a male.

David said...

I don't know if actions are more important to me just because I am a man, but you may be right. One thing that I know is true is that I have no experience being a woman, so I am not qualified to speak for them.

I read an interesting article recently at the BBC science web site. It said that scientists have recently isolated a compound in chocolate that makes women more receptive to sexual activity. So, perhaps giving a box of chocolate to a woman is actually better than saying I Love You! :)

Heart of Gold !! said...

'cos Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

best_days_of_my_life said...

well, i know XY's who don't stop to talk and XX's whose action speak way louder.. (do i sound like a feminist?)

dew drops said...

well, i know XY's who don't stop to talk and XX's whose action speak way louder.. (do i sound like a feminist?)

Dr O2 said...

Kimia - lol perhaps! I have seen that work! repeating a lie makes U believe it as well, but it is still a lie ;-)

Mariamusic - that's all the beauty of it; Difference

david - I do medical research and well I think that research has bias. I bet it was the "I love you" they have been told that had the effect not the chocolate itself :-D

John - :-) perhaps but do we need shuttles to surf from one planet to another?

de drops - I have seen such as well but exceptions always exist :-)

Mindinside said...

I am a woman ..
I care for the words and the actions both in harmony.

Silence makes me upset!

Heart of Gold !! said...

And arent there times when we men look for words ???
women, there are very many occassions whre we look out for the words you say as well!!!

And more so ... ther are a hundred thing my gal wants me to do rather than say (thank god that they sometimes settle for just the words !!!)

Else all the men would have to
1. go shopping everyday with their wives
2. do cooking atleast a couple of days a week.

blah blah blah!!

Well thats whats life is all about!!
NO GENERALIZING ... You cant predict or prejudice ladies or gents as do more or talk more....

Though, the statistics suggest that the author may be on the right track

Dr O2 said...

mindinside - aren't words a bit more important? just a tiny small it ;-) Harmony is a vague word :-)

heart of gold - well we avoid all those actions by words ;-) "I can't HONEY but you know I LOVE YOU"... :-)

Mindinside said...

Words are important to a woman, yes .. but you forget women have a feminin instinct.
When words are false and hollow they sound empty and when they sound empty they are not deep so they don't touch the heart.
I don't care for gifts and in action wot i expect is love expressed .. to hell with gifts & jewllery.

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

As a man I get uncomfortable with talking too much. I find solace in doing something physically. And when you sit around and talk, very little gets done. Perhaps I believe in the old adage of "action speaks louder than words"?
That said, women have a much larger/diverse vocabulary than men... which could explain why they talk so much... hehehe.

Dr O2 said...

mindinside - of course! no denying that but in frank true cases, words prove to important elements. without them things won't work :-S

chitty - yeah! so it's not only me who feels Women are much better when it come to vocabulary & also accent ;-)