Friday, May 19, 2006

Measurement Renaissance

Length of life they ask?

Yesterday's Philosophy: "Not life’s length that matters but the width."
Today's Phalusophy: " Well it depends on your vision of 6 inches ± 1. "


Mindinside said...

By The Way,
about life:

If you're robbing a bank and you're pants fall down, I think its okay to laugh and to let the hostages laugh too, because, come on, life is funny.

Suraya said...

"Not life’s length that matters but the width."

To me, this statement screams being fat, lol

Behrooz said...

Great post! What a mixture of ideas. It is really ingenious.

Btw, have you put the word verification for the comments on purpose or ...?

Dew Drops said...

They say - It is the moments that takes your breath away that count ;)

Spooky Witch said...

My motto:Live short,die young!
Life is too short to be taken seriously!

David said...

There was a popular song a few years back in which the singer brags about his "Big 10 Inch". Well, as you might guess, I was quite skeptical! He has rather small hands and feet. I estimate his shoe size in the range of 8 or 9. Now, if his shoe size had been something like, oh say 12.5, I might have found his brag to be more credible. ;)

Dr O2 said...

mindinside - well why not? :-)

Suraya - good point! maybe they first invented it for eating-pleasure.

Behrooz - had to add it on due to spam comments :-S Before, I used to get loads of advertisement comments here which now don't appear no more :-)

dew drops - so U support the second phrase? ;-)

Spooky Witch - that was a double-sided comment considering the Phalusophy ;-)

david - :-) maybe soemtime later in shoe-size but these days they measure life in a diff way :-)

David said...

Perhaps it is a uniquely American myth, but big hands and big feet have some definite implications that have nothing to do with the length of life. ;)

Dr O2 said...

hope they don' imply short life either ;-)

Heart of Gold !! said...

Watch bluffmaster .........

kitna pal yaad hai drO2??
woh pehle bar tum uska hath dhaama tha??
jab usne pehli bar ikraar ki thi?

Kitne pal yaad hain tumhe O2??