Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Ring Sections Beneath...

Age is not calculated by the number of candles on ones birthday cake but the thickness of ones skin.

Maybe not even experience but the maturity of responses to the environmental triggers.

Or perhaps it is not measured by the number of friends one makes but the number of friends he keeps.


In case of different answers by the different methods, go with the average.


It is possible not to age & stay young according to the new formulas. This might as well win me a noble prize...


juliana said...

I like this entry and I agree. No matter how you calculate it, "the older the wiser" is always true.

jarvenpa said...

Nice entry. But I disagree with Juliana--I wish it were true "the older the wiser" but the older I grow, the less I seem to know (of course, the less it bothers me, too). I'm trying to reconcile the inner four year old and the inner 90 year old in my heart. When I manage that, maybe I will be wise!
How about you get Jarvenpa's Prize today in recognition of clever posting.

Behrooz said...

you always age if you are conscious about it.

Em said...


A friend told me age is but a number it is how you perceive urself..

For me with age comes different stages where you grow up make certain decisions that will decide the course of your life..

And yes age can be measured in many number of ways!

David said...

The older I get, the more rules I seem to pick up. Don't do this or you will once again experience something very unpleasant, etc. Unfortunately, too many rules can make one afraid of new experiences!

Real friends can always be kept. If they leave, they were never really friends. At least, thats how I see things. :)

Dr O2 said...

juliana - the desired pathway of life ;-)

Jarvenpa - will be an honor. well sth is clear though, the older (n I mean mentally older!) we get the more mature our reactions become & that is what brings respect towards the aged ones.

Behrooz - big IF Behrooz jan ;-) Conditional sentences & IF clauses are there to remind us when there is a goal there is a path to take towards it.

em - & yet It is not bad to be ahead of our DOB age sometimes by the new formulas ;-)

david - well this is in our nature. The young are the brave, the rebels, the revolutionists, the BOMBs while the closer we get to the finish line we lose the airheadedness or braveness if U will in us. :-)

Dr O2 said...


Well it is important for the body-age to match the mental-age in a way. Yet if we can come up with a formula to calculate ones mental age then we could reach a new high in our era where the more mature would climb the ladder for better progression instead of the body-age-older people suppressing the upcoming worthy.

Going on mental-age there would be no need to hide the true age in trade for a lower number but people would try to age faster ;-)

High hopes, sweet hallucinations...

Behrooz said...

Hi again;
1. Well, I said "if" but this if is almost as frequently happening as you want to avoid or face it. Aging-consciousness is inevitable and so it aging.
2. Then what would be the criteria for assessing those who are aging mentally however yourg their body is?

Nyx said...

Like Jarvenpa I don't think the expression "the older the wiser" is true.
When Jarvenpa says that the older she gets, the less she seems to know, it's a sentence spoken by someone who is mentally mature. It has little to do with the actual age.
Actually I think that the mentally mature is ahead of the rest.
The problem with aging nowadays is the fact that the body is deteriorating, while society demands you to look young and fresh.

Dr O2 said...

Behrooz - In my openion DOB is not to be considered at all. It is only mental strength & maturity of actions that show us ones true age.

Nyx - well it is mentally older & not physically. Wisdom is a criteria linked to experience & the ability to react based on knowledge to the environmental triggers. Then the mature & wise & the greater the maturity,... yet it is controversial.