Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shrek, Donkey & the Dragon?

Some feminist groups have found the movie title "How to train your dragon" insulting.
Wonder why!!


jarvenpa said...

Oh dear. Did you get to see the movie, dear dr.? My kids--well, my daughter and her guy...took me out on Mother's Day to a film of my choice, and that's what I chose. It was much fun.

LiVEwiRe said...

Some groups will always find something offensive. Just can't please anyone anymore.

Anonymous said...

How you can live in such condition,
O ask myself how intelligent people can live like they are in the stone period.
how you let it be.

Anonymous said...

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Dr O2 said...

@ Jarvaenpa - yep I did. am a big fan of annimations in general and this one was nice n entertaining. I did take some younger cousins as a cover up for my age but once there adults were the majority ;)
@ LiVEwiRe - yeah!! n it gets annoying when it comes out of the blues.

Kappa said...


its not true!

i searched...most feminist reviewers loved the movie and the title

seebTV said...

watch this video