Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The President is an Alian

While angels were away playing,
and God peeking on the pretty angels
through the wholes in thick clouds of heaven,
back on the planet of bullet-logic,
more innocent angels were being sent to heaven.

God is an imperialist.
He sends people to earth,
and takes angels in return.


jarvenpa said...

You know, when Bush was prez here in the US, there were some people who claimed he was really some sort of alien; one of the Grays or the Lizard People or something like that.

And it is true this beautiful world seems pretty full of...strangeness, and loss.

Be well, dear Dr.

Kappa said...


is that imperialism?

Anonymous said...

Dont expect you to reiterate. But how is it that whiney lil brats whove never even had a reason to believe in God becouse there modern American Utopia with its conspiracy theories and empty souled masses are constanly screaming atheism, become lost in the crowd of spectacle meaning, that have zero value in accordance to actual wisdom. Trust me friend there is a God . Dont disbeleive becouse the American system, and generations of people violateing the bible, and history have deluted the truth. Were not born of chaos, and God probally doesnt love us, but hes me at wont let me publish unless im anonymous, fuckin speach monitors.