Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Deal d'eau

The monkey changed a few channels with the remote.

It is time for God to send in a new prophet he thought.
People are no longer tempted by the already-made promised paradise.
A female prophet posing like these diet adverts with a meter around here belly
with natural lovlies might somewhat revive the fading away faith once more,
promising in natural bigs for women and centimeters for men.
Pl@yboy mansions for prayers everyday can work.

Then he double-took his blue pills and signed out of ponderland.


jarvenpa said...

Oh yes. I smiled and sighed. (I also just noticed you like Britney Spears' music! totally off topic here...or perhaps not).

You are very clever.

jarvenpa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Dr.; residency? You are getting closer and closer.
I knew about Britney (and her sons...ha!) because you mention that in your profile.
And I read profiles.

We have a very very pretty woman doctor at my clinic. And she is single. But I don't think the match would work across the long distances.

David said...

It sounds like you are living in the Matrix! Try not to overdose on the blue pills ok? ;)

To the real world, I am watching the news very closely. I am in awe of the huge outpouring of courage! I hope something good can come. I worry that hopes may be dashed. I will continue to watch closely. My thoughts are with you.