Friday, October 17, 2008

Je suis le meme que t'a connu

Be it with God, parents, friends, GF, BF & even their dogs.
Someone has to tell them for sure
the yesterday's kids, today's youngsters & tomorrow's adults,
the were, are & will be children-minded,
that keeping any relationship going is a span ranging from
actually being tricked & pretending to be tricked.


David said...

Hello my friend, you are a better riddler than Bilbo Baggins! :) Well, it is the season for Trick or Treat, so if Moon girl has been tricking you, maybe you should trick her right back. ;)

Say, why don't you post your baby monkey picture? :)

jarvenpa said...

Or maybe we are always simply children at heart, dear doctor?
I hope your life has some sweetness within it.

Anonymous said...

Ihope you're doing ok, my e-friend!

Anonymous said...

Je suis le meme que t'as connu