Monday, June 02, 2008

Feather Light Newtonism

Gravity is the real problem on this planet.
Imagine the force needed for someone to FALL in love on Moon
& once done, the amount of energy needed to Fall out of Love.
Fuel my spaceship. I am outta here.

P.S: To leave a footprint on Moon you gotta be the weight of an elephant


mariam said...

I hope your heart is not broken!


David said...

Why should love be proceeded by a fall? I would like to ascend into love. Have you heard the expression, "Love gives you wings"? :)

Dr O2 said...

mariam - Do we know of any which hasn'?? not recently though ;-)

David - wasn' that RED BULL!?? ;-)

Hydra said...

I tend to believe we all would be much happier, if each one of us was appointed a separate planet to live in, with or without gravity....

mariamusic said...

I have put an other madresye moosh ha on my blog!


Anonymous said...

new look Dr ,AAFYAT BACHY!
For the rest, what's going on with you my friend?
Then again, I read your answer to David's comment , and it tells me you're Ok..
P.S "out of context" :What do you think about "Mohsen Shavoshy?"

jarvenpa said...

I think you are a secret romantic, dear Dr.

LiVEwiRe said...

Sometimes it doesn't matter how far you go. But a ride in a spaceship would offer an amazing view. ;)

mariamusic said...

Moi tagged ya Dr.

Dr O2 said...

hydra - true all the way ;-)

mariamusic - that'll be cool :-D

Foulla - things are pretty well but fo rthe fact that I still have a month to go before I totally get released ;-)

I like the guy specially one of his songs which has a very diff tune that the rest of iranian beats.

I designed the template. My second experience in two days ;-) am working on it to explore new details!

jarvenpa - locked somewhere deep out of sight but not out of senses :-)

livewire - that is the scientific aspect :-) very nice point!

mariamusic - am on it.