Thursday, August 23, 2007

Matched The Mismatched

Tears have solved no man’s problems.
In the game of love, the strong survive.
A man has to constantly be on the hunt & laugh "surrender" off & wait till he becomes the pray for a pray who luckilyhas not yet hunted a hunter.


I can’t yet figure out though
who has put me in the "Endangered Hunter Species" list
& my counterpart among the "Anti-Hunter-Hunting Prays".


David said...

Its hard to hunt in cold climates where the game are scarce! ;)

jarvenpa said...

Ah, in the game of love it's the loving heart that finally survives, dear Dr.
Tears just open your heart a bit more.
(I know this is not medically orthodox,'s true.)

Foulla said...

here we go...i go for some time, I come back to find you in LOVE ...and hurt!!!
hang in there my friend, it's worth it!
it does open your heart a bit more, trust jarvenpa;)
thinking of u

Hydra said...

don't listen to these people! love is just a feeling, and like other feelings it resides in your head, caused by the biomedical reactions in your brain.

yeah, i know, very reductionistic. but its true! ;)