Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Infallible Hand In Glove Ploy

The monkey had been outstandingly obediant.
He had fullfilled each and every task he had been told.
Woken up to the greetings of his grand radio set, brushed his teeth with the newly-widely-advertised tootbrush & toothpaste, he was searching T.V channels to find a problem he could solve & practice his math with.
And then the T.V sang;

- $100 million it is, the estimated amount that Gap, Apple & Motorolla have spent on marketing the RED campaign, launched a year ago to benefit the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, tuberculosis & Malaria.

- $18 million, amount the RED campaign has raised worldwide.

Calculate who has really benefitted.

The monkey's eyes rolled over for a while, then in a gorgeous immitation of normality, he put his pencil down, pretended he had to pee and quietly left the room.


David said...

If these companies really cared about fighting AIDS, they would just give the $100 million! Typically, they are more interested in promoting themselves and increasing their profits.

I read a very disturbing statistic a few days ago. In Washington D.C., one out of every twenty residents are infected with HIV! I am reminded that Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Brian said...

The bottom line is that the there was more PR value in claiming to care than actually taking the most effective course of action. Companies are rushing to advertise how "green" they are becoming, even when I doubt they have even had time to make many substantive changes in their practices.

Let me articulate a moral dilemma. There are many of us in the United States with a sincere desire to make a better world, even more who wish more idly. AIDS, Global Warming, Armed Conflict, Racial and Religious Hatred, Torture, Famine... I could take all day to just list these problems. However, at the end of the day it seems to us that the best thing we can do is keep working our 9-5s and donate money to these larger organizations in the hopes that progress will be made.

It is not satisfying. Is this the life that I am trying to bring to the rest of the world? "We better save those poor people around the world, so they can know the true joy of 24 hour fast food, interstate driving and having your eyes glued to computer and TV screens."

I sincerely believe that encouraging dialogue and changing beliefs, no matter how incrementally is the only viable course of action.

b v n said...

Good one !

the numbers spak for themselves :(

alba said...

If the mentality aches,it is not of much importance to fight for the physical health.we are almost dealing with the former thus the latter has been shadowed.