Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Installements of the uninstalled...

There is a period, God's presence is not strongly felt!
I wonder which company has expelled him lately.
Airbus? Ford? GM??


Let's talk Jack,
Here are the sizzling nondescript topics of the day;
Financial growth, cutting jobs, Casinos, strip clubs, illegal immigration & war.
The choice is all yours dude. ALL YOURS!!


mariamusic said...

who is Jack?

David said...

I don't think there are many companies that are managed based on religious principles. If they were, there would be guaranteed lifetime employment, excellent health and retirement benefits, reasonable working hours that allow plenty of time to spend with family, friends, and just to enjoy life in general, very safe working conditions, and generous salaries with profit sharing. Did I forget anything?

Dr O2 said...

Mariam - jack n Jill are the names used in the English language to show a neutral person. In other words they are used when you mean anyone possible. :-)

Dr O2 said...

David - Nope! you covered it all!!! even some i couldn have thought of!!!